Get A Constant Deal Flow By Learning How To Attract Motivated Sellers

In This Course You Will Learn

  • How to avoid investor 'burn out' before your first deal ever happens

  • The 4 major functions you need to have a successful business

  • Full details on the basic actions you need for finding & closing deals 

  • My personal formula on who I make appointments with so I don't waste time

  • The exact document I use to reduce the price and close deals

  • I show you how to be a BIG fish in the small pond & how to find hyper sales

  • Proven & exact marketing so you get he best results for your efforts 

  • We will go over the difference between looking for pretty or ugly houses

And As For Benefits To You ...

Check These Out

  • Although there are 30 successful ways to market - I will go over my 10 most successful campaigns step-by-step so you can do it the right way - for virtually any budget

  • Because the marketing works so good, I will need to go over how to handle the calls coming in - otherwise I will burn you out quickly, I promise you that!

  • You will be able to listen to my personal pre-recorded voice message that I still use to date to weed out the 'tire kickers' calling me

  • Then I will give you some of my best scripted questions to help figure out whether or not someone is a Prospect or a Suspect

  • After coaching so many in the past I have found that some have trouble trying to figure out if they have a Prospect or a Suspect - so I explain the form I use to figure it out

Be A Professional Deal Hunter For Only $97 . . .

A Small Price To Pay To Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars!

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