Flipping Houses for Rookies

How to Buy Real Estate Without A Loan

A fully packed course with EVERYTHING you need to know to buy and sell real estate! Even the legal documents!

Quick Start Checklist

A complete checklist on what needs to be done to buy and sell a piece of real estate!

Blueprint Course

This course walks you through the six steps of a deal so you get the whole process before making any major mistakes!

Advanced Coaching

Advanced Coaching

FSBO Script Explained

Bill's phone recordings with a suspect and a prospect, a video explaining a terms purchase, and a bonus!

Deal Hunting With The FSBO Script

Get a peak of our 'How To Buy Real Estate Without A Loan' course and see exactly how Bill is getting his deals!

How To Do A Renovation

Walk the road of a renovation with Bill and see how he handles every aspect from start to finish.

Yellow Letter Course

Get motivated sellers calling you and asking for you to buy their house with this direct mail marketing strategy.

Attracting Motivated Sellers Course

Learn how to get the hot sellers in your area calling you to get a constant deal flow!

Scope of Work Course

See exactly how to make a list of things for your contractor to do, so the right projects get done.