No Job Is Finished Until The Paperwork 

Is Done!

Done-For-You-Documents” That Makes You As Smart As Donald Trump’s Real Estate Lawyer When Doing Creative Real Estate Deals!

Are you worried about:

  • Getting in legal trouble when doing creative real estate deals?

  • Not having the “right” contract for a deal like a “Subject To” deal, or a “Lease Option” deal and having major repercussions (like a due on sale clause getting triggered) at a later date?

  • Loosing your hard earned money because you didn’t use the correct contract, or left something out?

  • Looking “amateur” because you don’t have documents to “back-up” what you learned in some book, seminar, or workshop and promised your seller?

  • If your deal structure is legal, and you have documents to back it up?

  • What to have your seller’s sign once they say yes?

  • Which documents go with each type of deal structure you are proposing to your seller?

  • You might miss a document if you don’t know what you are doing?

  • How to “lock-up-deals” without large deposits so you can make your BIG check before someone steals your deal?

  • Ending up in court with “bad” documents and loosing your ass ... ets.

  • How to sell to your buyer and keep ‘em paying so you don’t have to chase them for your measly $300 per month profit?

  • How to legally keep 3% to 5% non-refundable deposits when your buyers give them to you at purchase, but then decide to leave?

  • How to structure your deals with the correct paperwork so you make MORE money when the buyer defaults then if they stay in the deal?

  • How to avoid sleepless nights because you are worried about your contracts sneaking up on you like the “boogieman?”


Welcome, My Fellow Creative Real Estate Investor!


My name is Bill Hawthorn.


And as of the date of this letter, I have done over 200-creative real estate deals for myself.


Several hundred deals for my clients.


And at closest guesstimate over $50 million in creative real estate transactions.

  • No banks

  • Mostly without Realtors

  • Nose-to-nose with sellers and buyers

My point ...


When you are face-to-face with buyers and sellers, not hiding behind a Realtor or an Attorney, you can’t afford to make mistakes without looking like a “knucklehead” or losing deals.


I found I needed to match my words with my actions to get folks to trust me quickly.


And the way I have done this is with my AMAZING library of creative real estate documents.


Without this collection, I don’t think I could have done a third of what I have done!


What Is Creative Real Estate Investing Anyways?

I would like to take a moment and explain this Creative Real Estate Investing concept for a moment so you can see how valuable this library of documents is to you.


My definition is really simple:


Creative Real Estate Investing: Is when an Investor uses little or no money in a deal so he/she can do WAY more deals than the “average Investor.”


See, if you follow this definition to the “T” you will not have to struggle with:

  • Doing deals with your own money, or credit.

  • Eventually “tapping-out” of your available resources (mostly money). What normally happens (when not being creative) you will sooner or later have the bank tell you your “debt-to-income” ratio is too high?


    Or, have the banker get nervous with the amount of assets you have, and stop you from borrowing until you meet their criteria. Even if you have millions to invest. Sooner or later you will hit “a ceiling” of investments to acquire.

  • Slow down on making offers because you start to get anxious on how you are going to find the money for each deal. And this “phenomenon” will be like a beaver making a damn in the stream and causing the lake it feeds to go low because the damn is impeding the feed stream of water to it.

    You and I know ... the only way to make REAL money in Real Estate Investing is to make offers. I have NEVER bought a property without making an offer to date!

    So slowing down on offers is like being sentenced with the death penalty.

  • MOST IMPORTANT ... If you are not creative and learn how to make money without money - - you will always have your cushion of cash to fall back onto to fix mistakes.

    If you are a Creative Real Estate Investor you will find solutions you NEVER knew were even possible. Which in the end are WAY better deals to do.

    In other words: You will have to think, “out-side of the box” to do deals a lot of times. And necessity is the mother of invention and income. While this education can’t be gotten from writing big checks to universities or guru’s who claim they can teach you even if that’s what you wanted!!

    Know this: If you can’t make money in Real Estate without money ... you will struggle to make HUGE money in Real Estate when you have money!

  • Lastly, if you can’t (or don’t want to) get qualified with a bank, you have no other choice but to become a Creative Real Estate Investor.

    You will NEED to get this type of education either buy paying someone to guide you through, or with making the many mistakes yourself.

    And, I have found paying for education is much cheaper than the “school of hard knocks,” wouldn’t you agree?

The truth behind Creative Real Estate Investing ...


Sept 13, 1949 the word “Realtor” was trade marked. In October of 1949 the Realtor’s Association was formed after writing a "code of ethics" the association needed to enforce in order to keep their Realtor status in society.


And they did a good job with their smoke and mirrors.


To date the average seller thinks he needs to use a Realtor to sell.


Their association is a "police" activity. Their licenses are to protect the Seller from being deceived, not to help the Seller. I know, I took their classes and was ready to take their "board" exam.


The Realtor "schooling" was not about how to sell, or handle buyers concerns, and how to properly market a Seller's house for the most amount of exposure?


But instead I was taught how to protect the deposit money from being stolen.


More to the point, most Seller's believe a Realtor is going to "coach" them through the sale of the property, when at the very least, the Realtor's job is to find the buyer. Not do paperwork, negotiate, or have foresight on what's next.


Although the Realtor's who do more than 20-deals per month have figured this out, how to "consult" the seller. It is not taught in Realtor school. And only a minute amount have figured it out.


So the whole system is like a Monopoly. No competition, right?


Unless the Seller wants to sell on their own; which to most is overwhelming!


Ponder this simple fact:




Answer: The way we Creative Real Estate Investors do it. And have done if for hundreds of years! Without problems, confusions, and contempt from the sellers.


Make sense?

A Simple Question You Must Ask Yourself About Real Estate Paperwork?

If I have the correct paperwork to close a deal, do I need an Attorney or Closing Agent? Or can I actually do it myself?


Answer: YES!!


After doing hundreds of tabletop closings (myself) I have scientifically found that if I have this trusty library of documents that is being proposed to you right now (in this letter), and I fully understand how to use them, I can close my own deals ... NO PROBLEM AT ALL!!


Or, at best, correctly guide my legal counsel to do what I want done. Not being the effect of the lawyer using his own language that doesn’t completely cover what I wanted and me struggling on how to make all my promises to the Seller fit in.


Plus, my deal structuring becomes Simple Simon.


Here is why ...


When I am making offers, in the back of my mind I am always thinking how am I going to put all this in writing and keep my promises to the Seller?


If you have a basic knowledge of the documents you plan to draft and propose to the seller ... it becomes a whole lot easier to make the offers when sitting at the Seller’s kitchen table.


Because the document are already done for you! All you need to do is understand them, present them correctly, customize them to your Seller, and walla, you have a deal!


Here is another jewel for you ...


The FASTEST way to build confidence and trust with your Seller is to have your actions match your words.


Think about it ... if you tell your Seller you are going to send the closing documents for their legal counsel to review so the Seller can feel confident what you are proposing is 100% legal - - how will the Seller feel?


And what just happened to your credibility?


It sored, that’s what!


And you don’t really need to be a lawyer to do this if you have the correct documents to start off with. But it sure does get the attention of any opinion leader the Seller is consoling when trying to make a decision to sell to you.


A rare fact: I get lots of deals this way. Pure confidence backed with good legal documents for the deal structure promised.


Plus I hear a lot of feedback on how much of a “Pro” I am at this. When really my secret is my documents presented.

Put An End To Being An Amateur Creative Real Estate Investor

Here is what I am proposing to you today ...


For the first time in 16-years I am offering you my complete library of documents, which I use to date to make all of my deals.


But ...


A very important (but almost unknown) trick is you need to read and understand these documents.


Most are written in very plain English. Not in “legalese” so you or your seller can understand them.


And, when reading them, YOU MUST look-up in a dictionary any word or symbol you don’t understand so that when your Seller asks you questions ... you have an answer.


Accesses to this very “coveted” set of documents are not for the “get rich quick” folks who plan to hit them and run. Expecting millions of dollars by Christmas and retired by New Years Eve.


No, no, no!


These are real and actual tools for the Real Estate Investor who plans to build a new life style for himself. A lifestyle that will supply himself with whatever he imagines wealth to be. Without fail!


Plus, these documents are absolutely useless if you do not plan to go out there and talk to new Sellers about buying their property on a consistent basis, and making offers.


This library is for the Investor who plans to “CLOSE” deals and make big checks.


This is not some reality TV show that entertains you, or promises you that you can make billions next weekend. NO!

Let me explain ...


What I plan to give you access to is a webpage that:

  • Has the name for each of my 7-deal strategies on the top. And example of how the math works. Then the deal documents underneath it. So all you need to do is understand my simple strategy, explain it to the Seller. Then download the documents. Get them signed. And make money!

    Note: If you are not familiar with my 7-deal strategies, please visit for some cool videos.

  • It’s just a download page. There is not a bunch of explanation on how to use these documents. Only because if you read and understand the documents, you will soon realize they are pretty simple and easy to use.

  • Everything in order so you don’t need to guess what documents to use at what time. If you have a Lease Option deal, open the page, and download the documents needed. It is labeled “Lease Option Deal.” 1,2,3, done. No hunting and pecking, and wondering what to do?

  • A bunch of bonuses. I added to this unprecedented library other documents that I have used outside of the standard deal.

    Like an example of my Private Money loan document in case you want to see it and use it with your next Private Lender. (Note: this is a PDF document you will have to re-type yourself).

    Or my famous “wrap-around” loan documents I use on some of my “Subject To” deals so the lawyers agree to doing “Subject To” deals. And many others like it. (Note: this is a PDF document you will have to re-type yourself)

  • Or my sought after Trust Documents that even the best lawyers are blown away at when I share them. In fact, these exact documents I use to “train” my lawyers how to do these types of deals. Only because I have found most don’t get it ... until they read these documents and fully understand how easy it really is.

  • I have included documents that have allowed me to “assume” loans, even when EVERYONE says you can’t. And I do it every month. Legally with my “Subject To” documents!

  • Plus I have included the EXACT documents I use when doing a SLOT deal. And I am here to tell you ... if you don’t use this paperwork, you WILL lose the deal by not staying in the middle. How do I know this?

    These documents were made so that once you educate your Seller on how you will do things; they can’t steal your buyer away from you and CUT YOU OUT OF THE DEAL. After having too many deals like this slip threw my paws ... I really became to  appreciate these simple but tight documents to keep everyone in the deal honest!

  • Most think they don’t want to sell on a Rent-To-Own because they don’t want to be a Landlord. This is a huge mistake. Because when we sell to these buyers we DO NOT plan to do any repairs, cut grass, or shovel driveways.

    And that is because the Lease Document I use explains all of this. And the buyer knows NOT to call us for these things. Much like they would not call their mortgage company for a leaky pipes, a running toilet, or neighbor trouble.

    They are buying the house and we have become the “intermediate” bank until they can get permanent financing in place. And they know this UP FRONT so there isn’t any trouble!

  • Then there is Owner Financing. Most Purchase & Sales Agreements (PSA’s) aren’t designed to have extensive language for the “Legal Bagels” to draft finance docs, which leads to a lot of confusion and misinterpretation which will only frustrates you and your seller during the transition of the closing.

    The Purchase & Sales Agreement (PSA) I use has all of this language in it so the entire deal runs smooth as glass and makes you look like you have done this hundreds of times before. It is truly a blessing when deals go this way.

In truth, this comprehensive package is not about stuffing you with hundreds of documents to make me look smart, and you look incompetent.


Or, to make you feel like the amount of money you are paying is sufficient by stuffing a lot of unnecessary docs and contracts into it so you feel better?


No ... it’s EXACTLY what you need to do the 7-Main Strategies used to make Creative deals.


Just so we are clear, here are the 7-Strategies these documents cover:

  1. SLOT Deals (Sandwich Lease Option Transfer)
  2. Option Deals
  3. Lease Option Deals
  4. Getting The Deed Deals (Or slang – “Subject To” Deals)
  5. Rehab Retail Deals (Like on A&E – fix & flip)
  6. Wholesale Deals
  7. Owner Finance Deals

In fact, I have included video’s to explain each deal inside of this membership portal so you don’t have to jump around and figure out if you are doing the right deal or not.


Just click on the video link before you are doing the paperwork, watch the video, and know it is what you have promised the Seller!



Before I Tell You How Much - - Read This ...

The one mistake even professional Investor’s (some respected authorities) is they read a letter like this and think it’s all “over-hyped” and the “Marketing Department” or “Copywriter” has embellished the value of the products being promised to you.


DO NOT DO THIS when it comes to documents for Creative Real Estate Deals.


Listen ... the reason this is so important to you is because:

  • Sure, you could go find these documents in other places. Maybe build them yourself. Do as I did and have attorneys draft them, as you need them?

  • Possibly spend $2,000 to $3,000 per deal on creating the documents you need for a specific Creative Real Estate deal when you need it?

    Not to mention the amount of time, energy, and chance of losing a deal because it is taking so long?

  • Like I have mentioned earlier ... not knowing what you don’t know. Which simply means you are not aware of the “road-blocks” or barriers you will have later on because it wasn’t on your radar when doing the deal originally.

    So if you draft some of these documents on your own, you may miss one sentence, or paragraph (hell one word sometimes) because you were not even aware these particular things could happen, until it happened!

    How much will that cost? My beat ... thousands! It always is when fixing these unforeseen difficulties.

  • Each document is proven and tested so you don’t have to wonder if it will work for you, in your area. Yes it “knocks-out” any uncertainty and/or confidence in being legal or safe when doing deals!

    Yes, my coaching clients all over the country have used and applied these very simple to use contracts and have had tremendous results. Not to mention how it has cleared up some of the most flagrant confusions that a LOT of folks spew out when not doing deals. Just  dramatizations of their own confusions, or opinions!

    Mostly not true from these “sideline” investor’s.

    Even Texas can use all of these docs. And they are considered their own Union!

  • These documents are MOST important to you because without them, well, you just won’t make as much money as you should.

    Let me put my money where my mouth is:

    Suppose you are going to sell your Creative Real Estate deal to a rent-to-own buyer (Lease Option). Which means you take a 3% to 5% for a deposit and give them 2-years to get qualified with a new loan so they can cash you and your seller out (pay you off in full).

    What if your Option Agreement said they could pay $180K (as an example) if they perform in the first twelve months?

    But from month 12 to 24 each month the price increases .5% per month. That’s an extra 6% of a sales price if they go the full 2-years to get their new loan.

    In case you need help with the math ... that is $10,800 for adding one paragraph to this document, for each deal.

    Hmmmm, do you think this is worth my experience in making these documents and sharing them with you NOW?

    More important, would you have really thought of that?

    If you did just one property per quarter per year (4-total for the year) this way. You would earn an extra $43,200 for just knowing how to add this to the documents.

    And this is just one of MANY ways I increase my profits with this AMAZING library of Creative Real Estate documents.

    BTW ... if you feel adding the 6% is cruel, or unfair? Well. You just take that paragraph out and the document still works just fine.

    Another little “trick” I do is having my buyer pay me on the 25th of each month so I can pay my mortgages on the 1st of each month. And I give them a discount if they do. Which keeps them motivated to paying me on time. It works like magic too.

  • Lastly, the three main reasons you should have this library:

    a) I have went out there and went through all the trouble and gotten the experience of doing Creative Real Estate deals already. Was able to figure out all the “pitfalls” and “potential trouble” because I ran into it.

    b) Second I was able to organize all the important things that are needed so I didn’t need to spend a lot of time on each deal trying to figure out what do each time.

    But instead move quickly on deals so I looked really professional and moved quickly, professionally, and helped my Seller a LOT! As I always promised them while in the house making the offer.

    c) With the other two done, I am able to bring the simplicity you so thrive for when it comes to the legal portion of your Creative Real Estate career without a long drawn out education from the “school of hard knocks.”

    Nice and organized. Nice and simple. Nice and legal.

Bottom line ...


This offer is probably the MOST important to your career as a Creative Real Estate Investor simply because it took me 8-10 years to get this entire library put together.


Even though I was doing business. Making some money. I didn’t realize how valuable these documents were until one day I figured out ...

I Could Make More Money With Defaults Then The Deal Itself!

This changed my career!!!!!


Fist of all ...


I stopped praying that all my buyers would pay me each and every month. And started wondering who was going to default so I could make more money!


And you know what happened ... my attention wasn’t on chasing late payers, but instead on sending “Notices Of Quit” (which is a legal term to stop a contract) the day after the payment was late.


Where before I was reluctant to do this because they might move and I would lose money and have to find another buyer. I realized it is way more profitable to scare them (or wake them up) because I felt I had nothing to lose.


All of a sudden ... everyone starts to pay on time?


And, the buyers realize there is a line of folks who want what they have, so it turns the negotiation of paying me on time and holding me hostage.


Negotiating law: “He who wants it the least – has the MOST power.”


So this one little shift in my thinking made a world of difference. It now means I had the most POWER in the deal because I wanted them to stay and pay less they wanted to stay and pay. Or keep to the agreement. I was willing to “waist” the deal.


And the buyer knew this because of the process they went through to get in. It was obvious to the buyer they were chosen from the crowd of prospects, and if they skip a beat, there was someone else in line to replace them.


Now creating my document library became somewhat easier. Because I wasn’t “pussyfooting around” when I drafted the language and setting the “rules” of engagement with my property.


It became clear to the buyer while signing the documents that I was not fudging around, but instead doing them a favor and they needed to toe-the-rope or lose this once in a lifetime deal they were getting.


How did I do all of this ...


In the documents baby!


Yup, just going paragraph by paragraph through each document when doing the “closing” with my buyer it become crystal clear what they are getting into.


And to be super safe ... I record the conversation during the closing while covering each step of each document so there is no confusion later on - on who said what.


And the buyer knows this. So lot’s less bullsyt later when trouble starts to brew. Is this making sense to you?

The Brand New Discovery You Will Find With This Library ...

COFIDENCE!! Is on the top of the list ...


First discovery ... you will start to notice when you are making offers you will be much more certain, and way more confident.


After making thousands of offers at a kitchen table or in a living room (nose-to-nose/toe-to-toe) I have found the biggest difference between my students and me is ... CONIFDENSE when delivering the offer.


This alone, I believe, will bring you at least 30% more closes while doing your presentation in the house. CONFIDENCE!


Doing as I mention earlier, knowing what the documents say, and how to use them, you will start to talk about them in your offers and be much more informative to your seller. I know, it sounds a little weird, but extremely true.


Not only have I seen this with myself, but with my Acquisition Mangers, my personal coaching clients, and many, many students.


So I fully subscribe to its truth.


Second discovery ... You will take your attention off the deal making, the deal structuring, and closing deals, and start worrying about what you should really be worrying about to expand your business so it can safely deliver monthly cash flow for your private needs:


See, if you stop thinking about all the deal structuring because you have this library of documents to do deals for you (once you understand them), you will realize you need to talk to as many motivated sellers as possible.


Because now, you want to present your documents to as many sellers as possible. After you make your surprisingly simple offers backed by these easy to use documents.


You are golden and want to talk to as many Sellers as possible.


And you will now turn your attention to:

  1. Finding motivated Sellers to talk to
  2. Telling them You Buy Houses!
  3. Asking them “what would have to happen for me to buy your house today?”
  4. Then give them what they want based on one of my 7-Stratgies mentioned earlier in this letter
  5. Now you deliver what was promised with documents in the One Of A Kind Library for Creative Real Estate Investor’s. 

This is the one-and-only proven formula to making consistent monthly profits from Creative Real Estate deals year after year.


And this (I promise) is the honest, no “bull crap” truth about making REAL BIG PROFITS in real estate investing!!

Okay Bill, I Am Convinced, How Do I Get Access To This NON Goo-Roo-Hood But Instead “Real-Life” Tested & Proven Library Of Creative Real Estate Documents?

First before we go there ...


There is something you should know:


Let’s face it: the “normal” way of dealing with this is to give more value, or BIG bonuses that make the offer more informative, more demonstration, and more proof it is all of what I claim.


All of which is more intelligent for me to do, and proven to work for the “highest earners” in the marketing and online world.


But let your “nutty” Creative Real Estate Investor (me) give you a counter perspective in complete defiance of what others do, and claim to be the best to get higher sales and bigger profits from your purchase with me right now.


This is actually the “Anti-Proof” way of convincing you - you need this one-of-a-kind Creative Real Estate Investor’s library.


This type of “selling” is not easy, and will most likely turn some people off.


But I am not here to convince the “skeptical” audience whether this works or not. If you are looking to do Creative Real Estate deals for profit, you WILL NOT find something like this online, in books, or in an attorney’s office. It is one of a kind.


And only offered here.


Your choices are:


Spend a LOT of money and/or time making your library while losing deals.



Get this “highly underground” library and start quietly making deals and profits while others around you are wondering how you are doing it!

I’ve been doing #2 above for years!


And remember, there is no security but your ability to use each and every one of these documents.


If you want to use these document that have provided me with a very safe and secure living, to build my business, strengthen my confidence, help me apply offers I didn’t know how to do, and practice being a Creative Real Estate Investor, then ...


You will be willing to invest $1,999 for everything I have.


It’s only expensive if you look at it as a cost, instead of seeing it as an investment.


And if you see it as a too high of a cost, well, then that’s your “road-block,” and you should recognize that right now.


Thinking of these tools as making you money is the correct perspective on how you will utilize this one-of-a-kind offer from this point forward.


Anyway, the last thing you should know, is ...


There is NO MONEY BACK guarantee’s to dazzle you with.


The reason why?


I feel it would be “unethical” to allow thieves to get access to this wonderful world of compiled documents that some will get access to. Download all of them. Then ask for a refund.


This has taken me 16-years plus to put together. And I am not going to let the thieves steal form me, piss me off, and take the page down.


Thus, cheating you out of one of the best opportunities you could possibly be offered if you want to buy and sell real estate creatively!


Of course, if I have done something wrong, or there is some error, just send me a support ticket and I will make it right. And within a short amount of time fix the problem for you so you are not standing on the street corner in the middle of a rainstorm waiting for a ride.


I will guarantee anything within the documents; and their correctness. Just not a money back guarantee for anything else.


All sales are final. So please don’t ask for your money back once you hit the payment button.


I think you understand why?


Where else can you go and get tens of thousands of dollars in legal document for only $1,999? A fraction of the price it will cost anywhere else!


So I think my job is done here.


Irrefutably I have easily and logically made the playing field for Creative Real Estate Investor’s an even place to play.


Question is, will you see that, and will you act on it right now!

Bill Hawthorn
Real Estate Deal Maker

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