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Defer Debt And Ensure Income By Learning To Flip Houses Without Using Your Own Money Or Credit – And Sometimes Tax FREE

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Let me explain ...

After being in the house flipping business for more than fifteen years and buying and selling over 500 houses here is how I think about money and debt:


Need a new carFlip a house!


Need vacation moneyFlip a house!


Need college tuitions paidFlip a house!


Need to pay off chunks of debtFlip a house


Need to replace your income Flip 3-4 houses a year!


Need a retirement “nest egg”Flip a house or two a year (and get income tax free)?


My name is Bill Hawthorn, and as an expert I will be providing you with the information and advice you need to decide if flipping houses if right for you?

Here are some of the benefits you will get

when you follow my system:

  • You will never have to "hunt" around to find motivated sellers who want to throw discounted property at you so you can buy quickly and get your BIG check

  • Once you learn my seven-ways-to-buy you will watch your money grow because you will never have to "re-invest” it back into your business – profits go into “hip national bank” (your pocket) and stay there for your own personal use

  • Learn to enjoy your time because once I show you how to automate this business you will be able to come and go as you please (I work about 8 hours per week at it)

  • Each property I buy is completely designed to fit over 81% of today’s buyers. Simply put: 81% of buyers fit into my program and can purchase and move in within days of seeing the house for sale, thus keeping your risk low and never getting stuck with a property

  • This system is designed to maximize your chances of having private lenders give you any and all the money you need to fund all your deals and never run out of funds

  • Imagine a "runway" so short you could have a chunk of money within 30-days if you were really serious and followed my steps one-by-one

  • Leverage your work life because this could be a part time job that earns full time money!

Most of real estate work is from my desk – and lately I have it automated things so much, I only work on keeping things moving and the deal structuring (about 8 hours per week).

But I am getting ahead of myself . . .

If you are here and now checking things out, trying to increase income, I am guessing you are right for this type of help and willing to learn.


However, if you are a skeptic or one of those type that is always looking for the other shoe to drop. Or how things can go bad. You’re in the wrong place. This is not a space for ‘naysayers’ and doubters. If you find yourself reviewing this information and asking yourself will this work for others not just Bill. The answer is yes, and has done so for many, and can include you!


So if you are that skeptic, and think my testimonial’s are fake, just keep on moving, this isn’t for you. Please don’t read on!

What Does eREIM Mean?

This is a monthly membership of $9.97 per month; here is how it works . . .


What you will get in this monthly membership is an electronic real estate meeting. There is this thing in the United States real estate investor’s world called a REIA, which stands for Real Estate Investor’s Association. (REIA). These meetings are held all over the country.


Here’s the thing . . . they are LIVE meetings held one night per month. So if you have to go to gamma’s 98th birthday party that night, you miss the meeting.


Plus, the way these groups stay alive is to be a constant ‘sell-fest’ to the ‘members’ in the group. In other words: The speakers come to town once per month and do their dog and pony show selling as many training packages as possible. Of course splitting the sales with the local REIA. So the REIA makes half of the sale, and the speaker makes the other half.


How do I know this . . . I owned and ran a REIA for 4 years!


This is different . . .


Here you don’t schlep your way to a meeting. I bring the meeting to you. It’s called an eREIM because it is an Electronic Real Estate Investor’s Meeting (eREIM). Once a moth I do a live meeting in Wallingford Connecticut and have about 30-40 private members show up so I can teach them how I buy and sell real estate without my own money or credit.

Is There More Than One Way To Buy Real Estate -

How About This ...

At these meetings you will learn how I buy and sell real estate seven different ways. See, most investor’s buy and sell real estate by buying low and selling high. Working strictly in the equity spread business. Which means you are always dealing with ‘desperate sellers’ who are very unpredictable and hard to handle.


What you will get here is a VAST knowledge of how I can buy a house for $260K and sell it for $260K and still make $85K. Sounds too good to be true, right?


Well. I have done several of these type deals. And it’s not that hard.


See, you can make money in real estate two ways:

  • With the equity (buy low – sell high)

  • Make money with the cash flow

And I show you how to do both.

Most of my deals lately have been full asking offers to my sellers, and I still make $5K, $10K, $20K and more on these deals. And it’s not over a two, three, four, or more years I have to wait. Often I can do it in a few weeks if I need to. And I show you how I do it.


See, before I did a lot of rehabbing (over 100 of them). And what I realized is, that business is like a job. Finding the deals, raising the money, handling the contractor’s, managing the holding cost, then go through the whole sales process. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting for my BIG check!!!


Sometime getting real close to the end and having the whole thing blow up and not close – BULL I said!!


I started to notice as time went on less and less of the population was getting qualified for mortgages. And the banks were getting tighter and tighter with their silliness and lending habits. Seemed like I needed to change my ways – so I did.


Actually, I found out that 81% of this country does not qualify for a mortgage these days. Which means 19% of the market is on the MLS competing for the very few qualified buying prospects.


Ah, this is what I need to do (I thought to myself), I need to work with the 81%, right?


If 81% of this country can’t buy a house because they don’t qualify for a mortgage, I need to be able to buy houses I could advertise like this “House For Sale - No Bank Qualifying.”


It’s kind of like standing in front of a crowd of people whom haven’t eaten in 14 days and selling food. Like a “no-brainer.” Make sense?


So imagine yourself helping property owner’s sell a house they are having trouble selling. Then selling a house to someone whom is having trouble buying. Helping both with their BIG problems. And you are in the middle earning money while everyone loves what you are doing for them – perfect business, right?

There's Nothing Like Hands On Training That Gives you Experience

However, I will warn you . . . I made a lot of expensive mistakes while trying to figure the seven ways I buy and sell houses. I think my biggest loss was more than some folks make in a year. So my ignorance because of not having an education cost me plenty (I don’t even want to think about it).


I spent $6000 in legal fees, just on one document I use - get the idea?


It wasn’t fun losing all that time and money (being ignorant). And man, without help I can’t image going through it again. I actually think that’s why most investor’s don’t make a living doing it full time. They never educate themselves.


After all, who has $20K to $50K to pay the big guru’s to learn the business. It’s like a college tuition when you are done. Only there is no state or federal aid (and loans) available. So if money is an issue, the reason you want to buy and sell houses – how the heck to you get started?


Get that? You need to make big chunks of cash, right? Well $20K to $50K is a big chunk of cash? So if you had $20K to $50K wouldn’t that solve your problem of wanting a big chunk of cash? Besides that, having the money is only half the issue. Now that you pay for the training you are locked into a period of time to retain it all. So you get all this theory and not much time to test it out in real time.


Or, have someone hold your hand and make sure you are doing it correctly.


Here is how I always educated myself for best result: 

  • Make sure I understood some theory 

  • Made sure I got plenty of mass or saw the thing I was studying 

  • Did a lot of doingness pertaining to the subject, or learned with my hands on. So to me, an education is doing what you learn

If I send my kid to auto mechanic school to learn to fix cars, shouldn’t the test be – here is a broken car, make it run. Not some test he can memorize and fake me out with an “A+.”


No, fix the car man, that’s my test!!


Nothing like hands on training. Also (and this is a BIG thing for me), I noticed I don’t do good with a long runway. If it takes me a long time on the theory without getting into the hands on, I have lot’s of trouble retaining what to do. And in the end, have not learned anything and give up. It’s like my purpose fizzes out and I stop trying so hard. Then move onto something else and do it all over again. Now I become a “jack-of-all-trades” – master of none, right?


Having figuring this out, I realized I would make a good teacher in this arena. This was my REIA days. I coached several and mentored even more folks to get a real estate investing career. And was very successful at it.

Why Would Would I Share My Experience With You

The market turned bearish in 2009 and real estate struggled for some years, so I just kept to myself and did my deals (making $125K to $150K a year while traveling 40 weeks a year around the country). Until my friend Pete (the Rookie) came along and “pleaded with me” me to help him.


Shortly after that my daughter decides she need $10K to get married and wants to pay for the wedding herself from the proceeds of buying and selling real estate (that motivated me a lot).


Next thing I know, I’m back to teaching friends and relatives how my little system works. Except this time I noticed after several years of doing so well at it (and being older) I had more experience. Which meant I was able to just show them my best and most successful actions. And man was I surprised.


My daughter sent out my recommended mail and got a 47% response, and some nice deals. Pete the Rookie the same. Then Rosalyn (group member), then Marie (group member), then Diane, then Dave, etc, etc, etc.


I noticed this all happened within 30-days. It was amazing!!


Then the epiphany hit me . . . why would Pete the Rookie spend $20K on this if he doesn’t have the money. How about he makes some money, spends a little on education, then makes a little more money, spends a little on education, and so on, and so on.


This is exactly what this industry doesn’t have, a training system that allows you earn while you learn – until now!


For $9.97 per month you will have access to my private monthly meeting I hold for 30-40 folks in Connecticut. I record each one because I cover so much it is hard to keep up sometimes.


Each month you will get the new recording in your membership portal, along with the entire archived meetings in the past. Each meeting runs about 120 minutes so you will have tons of practical information that you can use each month to get your real estate investiong career jump-started!

Here are some testimonials of attendee’s 

If you want to change your life by flipping houses, paying off chucks of debt, putting your kids through college while quickly building a retirement nest egg, and still having time to travel because you’re living life on your own terms this is where you should start.


Not a $20K or $50K investment. Not a FREE seminar where you get pitched the $20K or $50K training package. Not at a live REIA where each month you get hyped up on some new shiny system that had a good pitch man selling you for $997 or $1497 or $2997. And never really using it.


No, just $9.97 per month.


Will you need more? Absolutely! But why not earn as you learn and have your business pay for the education you need?


So today I am introducing to you . . . how to learn a real estate investing career without using your own money or credit. Just pay for it with your earnings as you go along.


See you in the membership portal

Bill Hawthorn
The Deal Maker

P.S. Who else on the Internet has enough confidence in their training system to tell you you don’t need to use any of your own money or credit to buy your education?


Learn as you earn is my motto – find out how for $9.97 per month. It’s month to month, so you can cancel anytime you want – I promise!!

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