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6-Stages Of A Creative Real Estate Business

Six-Core achievements & influential roles in creative real estate to be!


As fully explained and discussed in podcast #272!

FSBO Script

Use this script to call For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) and find some creative real estate deals and get money now, money monthly, and money later.

Where To Get The Money

Ever wonder where to get the funds to buy houses so you can make HUGE profits like everyone else? In this 30-minute talk you will figure out how to break into real estate investing and prosper from the biggest un-spoken rules and successful actions that 7-figure earners use daily but never talk about, fully disclosed and easy for you to get immediately.

Lease Option Explained

If you ever have a seller who wants more information about exactly what a lease option is, give them this report with Bill's proven effective explanation. NOTE: Be sure to take the last page and re-type on a separate page with your name instead of Naomi's (unless you want to send Bill your deal)

Prospect/Suspect Form

Not sure you have a Prospect or a Suspect? Use this to reveal the sellers motivation as well as gathering all the pertinent information to make the deal. Plus we use this form as a perfect follow-up document if we don't buy the property NOW!

Pathway to Profits -

Daily To-Do List

Get your real estate career on track and start following a to-do list! Keep track of your daily tasks you need to do to build your real estate portfolio, and see what you need to do more of. This checklist covers a weeks worth of tasks you should be doing to get motivated sellers to make deals to!

Million Dollar Lifestyle Calculator

Input the types of things you want to be able to do and buy in an ideal world, and see how many deals you need to make to get there! In this all-in-one calculator you can find out the path you need to take to get to the places you want to be in life.

Case Study

A 36-minute behind the scenes, nothing hidden mini-documentary of Bill as he goes through a real deal. See every step it takes to make big bucks in this business over-the-shoulder style.

Real Estate Investor Task Tracker

Figure out how you are currently spending your time so you can better prioritize and get on track to make real estate make you big checks. 

20-Ways To Buy Real Estate Without Money Down

What's better than one way to buy real estate without money down? 20 ways! Get this list on all the ways you can make money without money! And be sure to listen to our podcast (episode #166) to hear Bill talk about this list in detail.

Checklist To Avoid Dysfunctional Deals

Get some quick tips and tricks on how to avoid dysfunctional deals and how to stay on track in your real estate investing business! Learn how to not get dysfunctional deals in your pipeline.

Property Estimate Repair Sheet

Want to get a good idea on the amount is going to take to make repairs on a house? Well, this sheet goes over an estimate of these exact numbers.

Five Laws On Making Offers

Want your offer to stand out in the crowd? Download this very short document and learn the extremely valuable facts you need for every offer so you start getting deals when making offers!

Weed Out The Suspects

In this document Bill goes over how you should gather facts and talk to sellers so you know immediately if you should spend time and resources with them or just move on. What you learn in this short lesson will keep you from "burning out" as an investor and actually help you find monster creative real estate deals!

See Bill's 7- Creative Financing Deals Below!

Feel Free to Watch This 17 Minute Explanation On All Seven First

The Biggest Secret In Real Estate Investing

Find out the truth about what a creative real estate investor really is and how to become one. Also learn exactly how Bill uses his secret tool to make TONS of money in real estate.


Ever wonder how you can buy overleveraged properties and make a killing? Watch as Bill goes through exactly what a S.L.O.T (Sandwich Lease Option Transfer) is and how you can structure this deal on over-priced property and still make money!

Option Deal

How about those sellers who want their money NOW? What do you do with them? Watch as Bill goes through exactly what an option deal is and how you can structure it yourself and get your seller cash quickly (without a license).

Lease Option Deal

How do you make money now, money monthly, and money later? The magic is here. Watch as Bill goes through exactly what a lease option deal is and how you can structure it yourself so you can get the three profits on your next deal too.

Getting The Deed (Sub To)

Bill's favorite type of deal. Why? Because it the fastest way to get FREE houses. Just start taking over mortgage payments. No credit checks, low or no down payments, and you own it. Watch as Bill goes through exactly what a getting the deed (aka subject to) deal is and how you can structure it yourself.

Rehab/Retail Deal

I know, I know, A & E has showed you how good these deals are? But how about Bill shows you the details and how to structure it so you can do it too. In fact, the formulas in this video are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So watch as Bill goes through exactly what a rehab/retail deal is and how you can structure it yourself even if you have absolutely no capitol.

Wholesale Deal

Not Bill's favorite. But these deals will occasionally land in your lap so you should learn how to do them so you can earn like you should once you have one. Watch as Bill goes through exactly what a wholesale deal is and how you can structure it yourself using some amazingly simple formulas.

Owner Financing Deal

BAAM! Here is the most amazing video you will ever watch on real estate investing. How to buy a house for $260K and sell it for $260K and make $84K doing it. Watch as Bill goes through exactly what an owner financing deal is and how you can structure it yourself so you can rake in some HUGE profits too!

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