This IS NOT Another Course To Buy And Learn ...


Real Estate Deal Hunting Monthly Mastery

Will You Miss The Biggest Tsunami Of Real Estate Opportunities To Collect Profit Checks Than Ever Before?

Read on … if you are ready to boost your income quickly with a unique strategy that most don’t even know is possible!

Pay attention: It’s never been so easy to make it in real estate because so many American’s are facing unprecedented times after the pandemic.


“Based on a U.S. Census Bureau survey conducted from July 2 to July 7, 2020, nearly 43.4 million Americans – or 25.3% of the adult population – either missed last month’s rent or mortgage payment, or have little to no confidence that they can pay next month’s rent or mortgage on time.”


“The share of adults who cannot afford to pay their monthly housing bill varies considerably from state to state, however.”


“Using census survey data, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the states where the largest share of the population is struggling to pay rent or mortgage during the pandemic. In some parts of the country, less than 15% of adults are missing, or will likely soon miss, a rent or mortgage payment. In others, more than one-third of adults cannot afford to pay for housing.”


“While economic downturns can present Americans of all income levels with financial challenges, these hardships are often exacerbated. Lower income Americans typically have to spend a larger share of their income and, as a result, are less likely to be able to save and prepare for an economic downturn.”


Says USA Today mid August 2020


End of the day … tens of millions of people are out of work! And countless hard-working folks through no fault of their own are now struggling.

And almost 5,000,000 people have entered something called “forbearance” and asked their lenders to let them reduce or even skip their mortgage payment.

That’s Almost 9% Of All Mortgages

Not Being Paid And Growing!

These are massive numbers, correct?


And deliquesces may sore well onto next year, as people fall further and further behind each month, it’s literally unstoppable.


Houses that have hard-earned equity is gone, credit shattered, ability to get new housing and maybe even employment diminished for years to come …


Plus they may even owe deficiency balance after their house has been taken away!


But Here’s A Little Silver Lining In All Of This!


If you can find and locate these homeowner’s, or landlords …


You can help these struggling real estate owners get out of the terrible situation they face and get paid in the process.


You can help them avoid a pending disaster, and collect a check for your service.


You’re getting paid for providing relief to homeowners in trouble.


Because of the unprecedented challenges America is facing, there’s an avalanche of these deals coming, and once you know how to help them - well - everyone wins!


What’s More, You Can Do This No Matter Where You Live.


And I’m gonna show you how you can find them too. Right from the comfort of your own living room.


You don’t have to live in the same town or state as the property or see the place in person or meet the homeowners face-to-face or you don’t need a real estate license or have to be certified in any way. 


You don’t need any real estate experience whatsoever to get started but the best part is of this is:




No loan, no mortgages, no out of pocket expenses more than $100.

And because of the skyrocketing numbers of defaults sweeping across our country the market is ripe for these deals right now.


There are going to be a lot of folks out there who need a way out.


So many that there are way more of these deals available than I can possibly tackle on my own.


That’s why I decided it was time to spread the word and show other people how to jump on this unique opportunity of finding these deals.

Teaching People Proven Strategies That I Know Can Truly Change Their Lives.

And I’m inviting a small group of people to try it out for themselves.


Today you can be one of them, so keep reading to see how to grab a spot.


Sharing my proven marketing strategies means I can help even more people who are in distress and help more people like you dramatically improve their lives in the process.


When I get done with you … you will have peace of mind knowing you can control your future and freedom forever.


Remember, you don’t need any experience or special skills to join us.


You can do this from anywhere, no matter your income or your age.


And you can do it in just a few hours a week.


This unique coaching is tailor made for this moment in time.


As this massive wave of defaults sweeps across our country, you can make a difference.


You can do this by saving a family in distress, by bringing them relief from default; you can help your family by collecting 4 and 5 figure checks along the way.


I’m gonna give you everything you need to find HOT, HOT, HOT creative real estate deals!


A Special Note To All Those Who Say
They Want A Deal To Do Coaching …


You may not know this, but I talk to about 7,000 to 8,000 people a week. This includes the podcast, my emails, one-on-one interviews, and over clients I help.


Though it sounds like a LOT of people, it isn’t to my satisfaction. But the point is … I get a LOT of feedback from folks who believe they can make income from turning real estate.


Which means, I have my finger on the pulse of what is needed & wanted from my students. 


More …


What each student feels they are missing from their arsenal of tools to be productive in the real estate investing arena.


So, when I tell you the #1 thing I hear from this big melding pot of “newbie” investors is: “I want to find a deal first Bill, then I will do your coaching.”


Which until now I thought was B.S. 


Here is why …


Ever notice that the day you buy a yellow Volkswagen Beetle, all of a sudden everywhere you look, well, you see yellow Volkswagen Beetles?


What changed?


I’ll tell you … your awareness!


Real estate deals are the same way. If you don’t know what they look like, or how they could look, mostly the mathematical ways to acquire them, well, you could miss them easily.


But, that is my fight, not yours. Which is why I decided to “join ‘em” instead of fighting them.

Your New Secret Weapon ...

As of Sept 2020 I am going to offer a low cost coaching group that will be for JUST finding creative real estate deals that will:

  • Not only show you how to build a “pipe-line” of HOT, HOT, HOT creative real estate leads, but will be “rabid” on keeping that pipe full. (Even if today is the first day you heard the words “real estate investing” or you have done 1 million deals before)

  • A “anti-coaching” way of learning and getting advice - master-minding, not coaching. These once a month calls will be a group of like-minded folks spending about 60-Minutes screen sharing how to do it … then require you do it before we leave the call. (Just like Napoleon Hill said to do in Think And Grow Rich: “A Master Mind Group” leaves no one left behind, everyone has to “do it” before they leave the call. So if there is some “stumbling block” it gets resolved before you ride off into the sunset).

  • As you go through these monthly calls you will instantly start to see how you can comfortably run multiple marketing campaigns at once. (Some will be paid, some won’t. More to the point, when one campaign doesn’t pull as much as it should because of environmental issues ‘like a pandemic’ another campaign will pick up the slack and keep leads coming in).

  • You will start to make “simple” changes to the way you think about real estate, and the way “red flags” pop up; so now you can handle them properly. (The mistake 99% of all real estate investors make is not seeing the deal go off the rail early enough, so they can fix it. The second biggest mistake 99% all real estate investors make is thinking a lead is a deal, when it is not. Thus pushing away other leads, eating up resources, and burning precious time when they shouldn’t have. All because the investor didn’t “see” the telltales early enough. This unique coaching will ease into your mind so these things won’t happen to you anymore).

  • The easiest course-of-action ever to stay “on top” of the latest ways, and latest technology, to get fast (and potentially huge) short term results. (If you build a “pipeline” and keep it full, you will always have deals to work on. And literally resist the “ups and downs” of the financial rolly coaster most real estate investors have. Keeping you from being in the position of being broke, sad, anxious, stressful, and angry about real estate investing)

  • Secret ways to use Zillow, Facebook, Craigslist, and some very inexpensive websites to keep your pipeline full and jumping out of the water like bait fish on a summer day. (Plus, these strategies are so simple you can easily teach a family member, a friend, or any teenager, possibly a $4 per hour Filipino assistant to do this work for you. Which means all you need to do is talk to the sellers once these “helpers” have weeded out the SUSPECTS for you. Makes success faster when done this way. And this unique monthly program covers it all).

  • Why being selfish makes sellers around you happier. Plus, the exact best time to fire a low class SUSPECTS that are proven and tested to eat you alive if you don’t do the things taught in this amazing “mentoring” system. (So many Goooo Roooo’s miss the point that new investors need hand holding when starting, they end up “burning” the investor out, so he/she can’t move on. Which is why this unusually master-mind is a small group that gives all the individuals the proper attention needed to get results).

  • Mathematical “formulas” for ensuring you get the best deals and right sellers to work with (even if you have no experience - or 100 years of experience). These sneaky underground simple mathematical equations will ALWAYS keep you from losing money, grief, and having to burn through your hard earn “nest egg” to save yourself from a bad deal you made without knowing it at first. (By having these simple formulas burned into your mind, and the behaviorism we spoke of earlier, you will be set up like a dressed in full armor going into battle).

  • Lastly, this monthly “mentorship” will eliminate the anxiety of finding new seller leads, and keeping your stress level down only because when someone breaks your balls (gives you a hard time), you “WHACK ‘EM” and move onto the next available seller because the marketing is working so well you always have someone waiting for your help. (Which is the main reason this program is doing the exact opposite of what all the other Goooo Roooo’s and other experts say and do. These strategies are so simple that they just work, and make your real estate investing business move into the future without a lot of work and energy. It sort of take a life of it own on, and you reap the rewards without all the hard work).

Okay, Who Is This For - And Who It Is Not For?

Let’s start with who it is not for:

  1. If you are going to get angry at me for charging you money each month to find deals, then tell you the only way I can help you do deal structuring, negotiate, do paperwork, hold your hand, is to upgrade to my $500 per month coaching … YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  2. If you are skeptical and a “na-sayer” type personality, or find the negative in every situation, instead of the positive - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  3. If you are going to stretch financially for the monthly fee for this program, and won’t have some extra dough (not much) to spend on marketing - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  4. If you are desperate to do a deal and are too needy, you are rejecting deals without even knowing it, and - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  5. If you can’t manipulate your schedule with work, family, spouse, hobbies, etc to be on this call every single month (on time) - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  6. If you to expect the “do this” from recorded calls, because you couldn’t make it to the first Wednesday of the month (every month), and had a whole month to make it go right - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  7. If you can’t, or won’t participate in the group What’s App Messenger during the week to get help, or help others - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  8. If you can’t, or won’t be able to put about 10-hours per week away for JUST doing real estate investing (without fail - or excuses) - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  9. If you are the type that seems to “point the finger” or think things are not your fault, or others are the “author” of your life - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

  10. If you are not some sort of a self-starter, or at least try - YOU DON’T QUALIFY!!!

Phew, that was harsh Bill. How come?


I am being selfish to make the group happier!! And, I have LOT’s of experience with putting successful groups together with tremendous and wanted results!


Now let’s lighten up a little, and talk about the good stuff …

Who is qualified

  1. If you want to work hard in the beginning to get things set-up, then become self-sufficient once you know how to do things - THEN YOU QUALIFY!!!
  2. If you want to believe that you can have a real estate investing business set-up to create you income by working hard to create it at first, then easier later - THEN YOU QUALIFY!!!
  3. If you're financially able to set up a marketing system so you will always have sellers to talk to and find HOT, HOT, HOT creative real estate deals - THEN YOU QUALIFY!!!
  4. If you are willing to do deals all over the country, instead of just in your backyard, and willing to run your business virtually - THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!
  5. If you can plan your life so that the first Wednesday of every month from 7PM to 9PM (EST) you will be on the call, no matter what is going on in life - THEN YOU QUALIFY!!!
  6. If you can be held accountable to push forward, use a systematic plan or path through a network with some troubleshooting - THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!
  7. If you can participate and network in a private What’s App Messenger group on a daily bases, or minimally several times during the week to get or give help -THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!
  8. If you are set-up, or dedicated enough to pump out 10+ hours result based activities that you are willing to learn from this Master Mind group - THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!
  9. If you can not only take responsibility for yourself, but also for others in the groups (especially during role-playing) - THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!
  10. Lastly, if you are able to receive help when you need it, simply by communicating you are stuck, or don’t quite understand - THEN YOU ARE QUALIFIED!!!

How To NOT Waste Your Time - And Know What You Are Getting

Finding more creative real estate deals than you can handle is not something you are born with, but instead a learned craft.


But …


Learning is not all it’s cracked up to be - especially in today’s fast-paced world?

What if I told you the only way to learn is to “DO IT” yourself?


I would bet you probably already know that, the “but” comes in when you ask “but how?”


First …


This is NOT another course for you to study. NO!


Instead, it is a once a month call where you will watch the masters “do it,” right in front of your eyes.


Then, the second half of the call … you do it while the masters watch you to make sure you know how, which means you get to ask questions while learning.


More to the point …


Each month will be a NEW marketing strategy. Which means as you go through the months, you gain more and more marketing campaigns to “attract motivated sellers” to work with.


And - NEVER - being without a stealthy stream of leads to work with to make deals - and of course profits.


Plus …


The training video will remain LIVE for 30-days so you can use it to do your work during the month of setting things up so you can use it as a reference to answer questions.


However, once the next months call goes live, the past months video link goes dead, and you start to work on the new campaign. It is expected the 30-days is enough to get the marketing campaign up and running. And, there will be NO downloads.


I want you to get off your ass, and do it. So this creates necessity to do it NOW!


But …


If you have questions, you will have complete access to a What’s App Messenger group with other team members to help you along during the week after the LIVE call.

And, Just To Cool Your Jets -

I Have These Bonuses …

When you pay your first months membership of $97, you will receive these bonuses immediately ...


Bonus #1


My Attracting Motivated Sellers Course


Normally sold for $97, here I will show you not only how to find motivated sellers, but how to handle the calls when they start pouring in. This one stand-off bonus alone is worth the price to entry of the Real Estate Deal Hunting Mastery.


Bonus #2 


My FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Script Explained


Here I give you the actual script we use to call For Sale By Owner's for success. Plus, I included two LIVE recordings so you can hear the difference between a MOTIVATED SELLER and a SUSPECT. Once you get his down pat, you will soon notice your pre-screening process get a whole lot easier. We sell it as a promotional course on the internet for $7 often. But its real values is $67.


Bonus #3


Doing Deal With A Cell Phone & $100


This very simple yet extremely powerful puppy has exact procedures on how to text sellers successfully and weed out most of the SUSPECTS before you get on the phone with them, and waste your time. When my private coaching clients learn this … their lead flow quadruples almost instantly. We sell this every day for $67.


Bonus #4


Deal Hunting With The FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Script


This is different from Attracting Motivated Sellers because it spends time showing you the difference between a PROSPECT and a SUSPECT. Without this single piece of knowledge, you WILL NOT make it in the creative real estate investing business. The SUSPECTS will eat you alive, and you will quit before earning profits. It is a basic course, but vital to know. We sell this for $97 as a regular price.


Bonus #5


The Yellow Letter Course


This extensive training shows you how to create mailing lists for direct mail (often for free, and in your own backyard), and how to successfully mail for 40% to 60% response rate. Considering the direct mail industry thinks .05% is a good return, you won’t waste your hard earned income here. Then, at the end, we go into a full-blown automated system on how to receive calls correctly for best results. VERY, VERY, VERY powerful tool to have in your arsenal. We normally sell it for $197, and you get it all in this bonus.


Bonus #5


Whack The Suspects, Keep The Prospects


In this genius package, we show you how to “spot” the good ones, and toss the bad apples. Once you get started, you will soon find out, there are MORE suspects than prospects. So weeding them out is important. Or you won’t make it in the business. You will soon start to think creative real estate doesn’t work if you don’t learn these skills right away. We normally charge $67 for these amazing insights.


Bonus #6


Zeroing On Making Great Offers


Because the Real Estate Deal Hunting Mastery (this service) doesn’t help you with making offers, I thought I would assist you with some of the basics so you are not out in the desert looking for water. This course covers some of my most basic formulas that develop awesome offers that sellers love; and except. Although it is NOT the full training, it will definitely get you some deals done so you can get some dough in your pocket and move up to the weekly coaching that is the main place to learn deal structuring and closing deals (for $500 per month). This bonus is normally sold for $97.

The Bonus Of All Bonuses, And Worth More Than All Of It …

Bonus #7:

I am going to give you my Offer Generator Package so you can start making offers just like me. The way this works is, you get:

  • My Excel calculator that generate offers by just entering in 5-6 comps, and it spits out three offers like as if they were on my desk, and I did them for you. (Worth $197)

  • My personal letter of intent template that is done for you. It is an 8-page Word document that allows you to just add the three offers from the Excel Calculator, and send it to your seller in minutes. It has never been this easy before. (Worth $197)

  • My personal text and phone script we use to convince sellers we should send out three offers for review. Then in a few days we call back to ask what they think, and start negotiating. With technology these days, it has never been so easy to find and do deals. (Worth $97)

  • Lastly, you will get my one-page lease option form. This is NOT what we use for legal paperwork. This one-page document is designed to give the seller something to sign until we can get the actual Lease Option agreement drafted. It is a great closing tool. The actual Lease Option forms come with the weekly coaching at $500 per month, sorry. I want o make sure you use them correctly. That is why it is done this way. (Worth $197)

However, during the Pandemic, I sold all the above documents for $37, as you can see, it was a complete rob job!!! So, sorry, if you didn’t get it, now is your chance.

WOW Bill, Are You Kidding Me …

I Get $1,397 In Bonuses, Plus …

The biggest Internet package of how to Hunt Creative Real Estate deals all in one spot.


Put that on top of the monthly calls with advanced creative real estate marketing techniques, and you will be unstoppable when looking for creative real estate deals.


Basically, you spend $97 per month, and get $1,397 of hands down amazing and underground done-for-you marketing material above and beyond what all the normal Gooo Rooo’s teach and preach to the herd.


It will put you light years above the rest. So you can’t lose!!!


And, I promise, once you get just a few of these going, you will find deals. And at that point, you will be begging me to be in the $500 per month coaching group, so I (we) can help you close those deals and fund your education as you wished from day one.


Which leaves you only with only one decision …


Do I really want to do this?


Because if you do, the path to success is set up for you. Just put your foot onto the yellow brick road, and start walking Toto. The wizard is waiting for you.

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