Want To See Immediate Results With Private Lenders - You'll Need These Irrefutable Psychological Proven Lender Secrets To Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!


      Dear Private Money Seeker,


     Want to take all the risk out of talking to Private Lenders, so you don’t “blow-it” when finally getting the opportunity to sit in front of them?


     I’m just letting you now, even if you have the best deal ever, even if it’s too good to be true, you could blow your chances of having your potential Private Lender say “NO” if you say the wrong things during your proposal of the deal.


     In fact, if you don’t have these amazing phrases and facts to present to your Private Lender, your conversation could be quite “uncomfortable” and may cause you to never want to ask someone again.


     Which would KILL your career as a Real Estate Investor!


     Just because you were shooting from the “hip,” or the “lip” without scripted words that could make you MILLIONS of dollars if done correctly?


     Look, I know this might sound like I am trying to scare you just to buy something from me. But you have to believe me when I say “the money guys” have to feel like you are taking care of their money better than they do before you get one red cent of it.


     And if you sound like a 10-year old boy talking to a girl (whom he is not interested in), you will BLOW the deal or any chance of you getting this person to fund your deal.


     In hindsight, I wish someone would have offered something like this to me 15-years ago when I first started. It would have saved me TONs of anguish and stress.


     I remember thinking (when I first started) that the “money guys” were just like you and me. Just a little luckier. I soon found out that wasn’t correct.


     Their way of thinking is why they have the bundle of dough hidden under the floorboards.


     And now it’s time you tap into the conversation they are already having in their rich little heads so you can be part of that conversation and help them make a decision; and will fund your deal.

    So Your Words Make Or Break Your Deals,

    Whether You Like It Or Not.

         Bringing it to a realistic level ... what if your kid came to you and said:


         Kid: “Mom, can you give me $10”


         Mother: “For what?”


         Kid: “To buy a frog.”


         Mother: “What do you need a frog for?”


         Kid: “I’m going to use it in my circus I’m building on our front lawn.”


         Mom thinks, “circus?” You are going to need more than a frog to have a circus. It sounds like he hasn’t thought this out all the way. 


        Right here at this exact spot, the mom starts to see holes in the kid’s plan. And wonders how much is it going to disappoint or hurt the kid (and not be safe), or how much more is it going to cost me (the mom) once he finds out more of what a circus really needs?


         All of a sudden the mom feels the “window of opportunity” to help her kid isn’t good. And she doesn’t want the trouble of using her resources to teach the kid this lesson, or just simply doesn’t feel her money would be safe and help the kid without a lot of trouble to her.


         This is a big problem if you do something like this with your Private Lender. It often is how 99% of the “Amateur Investors” (and many seasoned Investors) go about trying to fund deals. Which is why without this proven and tested presentation no Investor will ever hit their full potential.


         And, the stupid part, just like the kid in my example, they don’t even know what they don’t know?


         Nobody wants to do that, right?


         Whenever you talk about something like “money” and the technical aspect of how your deal works, you need to put it into a vernacular (dialect spoken by the ordinary people) that will be understood by the listener.


         Like when you are telling your Private Lender “this is a really good deal.” And the Private Lender really doesn’t know? Maybe they don’t really care about your deal; or, they just don’t trust you to protect their life’s savings?


         Maybe you didn’t prepare your proposal correctly and you just confused him without know it? Or, he can’t see what you see because it wasn’t in writing, perhaps not organized and clear to see?


         This is much like the proverbial saying "putting a round peg in a square hole," it just doesn't fit and won't work.


         Are you tracking with me so far, do you understand what this means?


         All I ask from you ... is to understand this: even if you don’t buy my tested and proven presentation that I have used for years (with great success), I want you to completely understand why thinking like this will help you raise funds.


         Here’s the deal ...


         How about if I talked to your Private Lenders, and asked them to lend you money for your real estate deals? Think they would listen to a guy who has bought hundreds of deals and had dozens and dozens of Private Lenders lend me money?


         Think they would listen?


        Well, this is possible today!


         How you may think?


         In this one time offer, I am willing to share with you my exact Presentation I use to talk to my Private Lenders. It is my own words. And if you get it, it is just like me talking to your Private Lenders for a loan.


         Even if you didn’t rehearse it, and just read it to the lender. Or had him read it. It works like magic, and it will surprise you like mad!


         The words are perfect. The facts are straight. And, it gets right into the Private Lenders head and right in the middle of what he is thinking (his conversation).


         Answers questions sometimes before he thinks them. And that makes him feel safe and makes you look like you have really got some experience, or thought this out so he is protected.


         You get the entire package for only $97 today. It is a one time offer. If you leave this page you will lose the $100 discount. Normal price is $197.


         Let me lay it out for you, and show you what you will get with this amazingly never been offered before organized Private Lender presentation:

    • How to get a Private lender to give you funds in 30-miunute or less

    • Escape combative conversation’s with a person who has money and win him/her over to help you build your business by funding your deals

    • Crackerjack techniques that attract money like metal chips to a hyper strong magnet in a scrap metal yard

    • How to use your Private Lender’s “skepticism” to your advantage when asking them to fund your deals

    • Use my “underground secrets” so well the potential Private Lender will start “selling themselves” on funding your deals willingly

    • Ways to use your Private Lender’s natural desire to make his money work harder and more profitable once he sees this presentation

    • The single and easiest way to win your Private lender’s trust, and it’s shocking so few investor’s use it today

    • A controversial (yet dignified and tasteful) way to increase your Private Lender’s greed-glands so they can’t help themselves from staying out of your deals and keep coming back for more

    • How to recruit more Private Lenders than you will ever need so the “tables turn” and you start calling the shots on who invests, and who doesn’t

    • Learn the right and wrong way to deal with these money guys so you lose the “gut-wrenching” fear of asking for money to do deals with

    • A secret way (almost nobody knows) to make sure you never bore your Private Lender. This was an accidental discovery that almost guarantees you keep your Private Money lender stuck to you like glue and doesn’t wonder off and look for better opportunities

    • The exact best time to begin closing the deal. Back in the days, a few door-to-door smart salesmen used this knowledge to 1) virtually eliminate rejection and 2) make lot’s more deals

    • Get everyday “magic” words that make even hypey, over-the-top claims instantly believable

    • The quickest way to position yourself as a professional investor and a trusted authority in your area, even if you’ve never done a deal

    • How your “expert” status can often hurt the deal

    • The “Harvard” secret way of talking to Private Lenders that makes lenders 94% more likely to lend you money for your deals

    • The “squirmy question” secret (but not uncomfortable for you to ask) that let’s you know right away if the Private Lender is motivated to help you with your deal so you don’t waste time and money chasing the wrong lenders

    • How to get more money from your Private Lender by NOT selling them anything; or being pushy

    • A truly “no brainer” (yet almost always overlooked) way to get Private Lenders looking FORWARD to hearing from you; and many times even eager to do business with you

    • How to arrange it so instead of you trying to sell your Private Lender ... things turn around and your Private Lender starts selling you on “letting” them lend to you (master this, and getting money for deals is “cake”).

    • Prevent dealing with a Private lenders “hemming and hawing” and giving you a “yes” or “no” so you don’t get stuck with the contract you wrote with your seller and need to perform while you wait for the Private Lender’s answer

    It’s just incredible how reliably this works – whether you’re a complete PRO or have never done a deal in your life. If you just want someone to make a decision to fund a deal for you, this is your last stop on figuring it out.


    But, we’re just getting warmed up.


    Here is what else I have in store for you if you purchase today:

    My Outrageous Bonuses

    That I Call Ethical Bribes

    The “nerd who gets the cheerleader” phenomenon is in this bonus when you get this Getting Started form that makes it extremely hard for your Private lender to resist how he is going to do business with you (even if they didn’t intend to!)

    Value $97

    What if I were to give you my overused and fully tested Promissory Note and Mortgage documents so you can hand them to an Attorney or Closing Agent and know your transaction is getting done 100% correctly and you can sleep like a baby at night?

    In this bonus you get it all.

    Value $497

    How about when talking on the phone with your Private Lender, do you think it would be smart to use a script? Well, I have ya covered. You will get this one page “magically crafted beauty” so you can sound just like me on the phone. A “can’t miss” way to start things off with your Private lender.

    Value $149

    An amazing 26-page report that you can drop off at the Private lenders front steps like a teenage paperboy and let your lender read it at his own leisure.

    This work of art is so well written that I have had some lenders call me after reading it and asking to meet with me ASAP!

    It covers everything from example deals, to how the lender is getting paid. Fully explaining the transaction so he is prepped for your visit.

    Plus, if you read it yourself, it will give you plenty of education to sound professional when talking to potential lenders. It is truly amazing!

    Value $197

    Just for kicks, I thought I would throw-in an e-book called Credit Repair Made EZ so if you are worried about someone checking out your credit score, you can have it squeaky clean and ready to show off.

    Value $67

    TOTAL VALUE = $1,016

    That’s a whopping $1,016 in money out of my wallet, right into yours! Real hard cash (because I sell these document online each and every day).


    So as you see, I take all the risk, not you.


    And if you can’t live with that, then my services are definitely not for you.


    On the other hand, if you like the idea of getting more Private Lenders than you can handle – and possibly funding millions of dollars in real estate deals ... without having to go figure it all out ... then this Private Lenders Presentation Pack is perfect for you.


    And, it will make your “run-way” to success that much shorter and easier.


    Just click the button and I will be on the other side waiting to help you meet your financial dreams as you see them.


    You get the entire package for only $97 today. It is a one time offer. If you leave this page you will lose the $100 discount. Normal price is $197.


    Bill Hawthorn

    P.S. This is a ONE-TIME-OFFER. If you leave this page you will lose the $100 discount (normal price is $197). Plus I don't want to know how much you will lose by not having this "kit" for raising money.


    It is quit possible you could be throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars for deals you couldn't fund.


    Or, for deals you would put offers in on because you don't feel like you could raise the funds to buy these HOT, HOT, HOT real estate deals.


    Don't shot yourself in the foot for $97. You won't be happy with yourself later on. I only know because others have come back to beg me for the discount later; only to get a "no." Sorry, what's fair is fair.


    You get the entire package for only $97 today. It is a one time offer. If you leave this page you will lose the $100 discount. Normal price is $197.


    No thanks, I don't want to get all the knowledge I need to find private lenders

    and advance my real estate investing career.

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