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"I could possibly be the last guy anyone should listen to about finding private money!" Says Bill Hawthorn "this is not popular with other goo-roo’s!” Bill being an experienced investor who has become a specialist in creative real estate through his hundreds of deals that gives scientific proof his ways work like “gang-busters!” 


      Dear Private Money Seeker,


      If you are okay with struggling to make deals because you are afraid you won’t have the money to fund the deal after you write a contract ...


      This letter is NOT for you!!


      And, everything I am about to tell you WILL NOT be something in your “wheel-house” because I plan to flip-the-lid off some of the most unusual and “insider” secrets I’ve used to buy hundreds of deals because I never worry about how to fund each one of these HOT, HOT, HOT deals when I decide to buy it.


      But realize there’s nothing “sexy” or brand new about the info inside this CRAZY offer I am about to propose to you!


      In fact, most of what I am going to share with you is actually “ancient secrets” that were used before the Realtor became organized with an association and on the scene in 1950 (and changing real estate forever).


      So is this a brand new discovery?




      But I have organized these “old-wise-ways” so they can become simple and a “no-brainer” for you to find so much Private money that you will actually have a whole different set of problems.


      Here are some examples that I ran into once I figured this out:

  • Not being able to buy enough property to keep the money available to me “busy,” and loaned out, plus

  • My Private lenders calling me asking me if I am “mad” at them because I am not using their money, or

  • At times I had my Private lenders asking me if their friends can “get into the deal” like they are. Which left me with the problem of finding enough deals to keep all the money working all the time.

     What this means to you is ... if you had plenty of money to buy any deal you’d like, you can now focus on making more and more offers which is the best thing you could do when out there looking to turn houses into income.


     And as easy and logical this could seem to you, it took me years to figure it out before I got to the point where the pain & suffering to find money for deals actually melted away.


     Without doubt I was doing research on this topic in real life without even knowing I was doing it. It just seemed as though it was nothing but a struggle with each deal, until one day the light bulbs started going off in my head.


     But the fact remains all the common mistakes, conflict of interest, pain & suffering was the burden of proof for this solidly ground little system I now use to fund my own personal deals.


     And, frankly, the only reason I went through all the trouble to put this information together is because almost every week I have someone ask me about how I find my Private Lenders and fund my own deals.


     So I figured I would show you, and make a little “scratch” out of the demand, while getting all of these people asking me “how I do it” to stop pestering me at the same time (laughing)!


    You get the entire package for only $67 today. This offer is nowhere else on my website, on my podcast, on my blog, on any social media. Only right here. And if you leave this page, you will lose the chance to get this AMAZING deal!!

     That said, here is what you will get in this wonderful package called:

Scientific Secrets To Find Private Money

  • Exact ways to build an army of lenders who want to fund your deals

  • Watch all your aches and pains in real estate investing disappear because of the direct result of this training giving you MORE money than you need to buy deals, month in and month out

  • How to build a “core group of lenders” that you find yourself going to on every deal, and actually finding yourself “hiding” deals from some of these folks because they will get mad if you don’t use their funds

  • STOP starving because you don’t have the money to buy HOT, HOT, HOT deals you find in your area

  • Remove the danger of signing a contract with a “motivated” seller to only find out you can’t fund the deal later on

  • Build more confidence in yourself by knowing every offer you make will get funded once you share it with a few of your lenders who “cling” to you because you are making them money

  • Build a bizarre “6th sense” on who would be a perfect lender and LOVE you for the opportunity when they are approached so things go really smooth once you start doing business together

  • The message of this short package is simple and very easy to implement. No long drawn Yale education that takes years. It is meant to get results as soon as you finish reviewing it

  • Why one of the best times to find money for your deals is after you get them under contract. But you think it’s before. This one thought is actually holding you back, and I am going to show you how to overcome it so you can start making money with real estate

  • How to pay less money for your deals now making BIGGER profits because of the confidence you will have while negotiating only because you have no attention on where to fund the deal – it’s truly amazing actually 

  • Why having no money in some deals is actually the best deal for you and your seller. Not every deal needs you to invest, thus making you smarter profits. It is all covered in this material so you won’t be confused when to get money, and when not to

  • A secret formula that I use to make money now, make money monthly, and money later so I always stay “flush” with my profits

  • A simple “game plan” to follow if you are in a hurry to get a chunk of cash when ever you need it

  • Why the broker you are, and the worse your credit is, the better this system works for you and your lenders and the more money you will all make

  • How to prevent dealing with the “money pigs” that charge too many fees leaving you holding the bankruptcy papers at the end of your deals with them and making you think this business isn’t good

  • The only way to find more money you can even dream of. And, guess what, it’s right under your nose and you don’t even know it. But I will show you how to find it ASAP!

  • How to get lenders “scrambling” to be part of your real estate transactions, almost like you are holding an auction for the best bidder while looking for funds on each deal

  • Why “deal flow” is the exact way to “amplify” your chances to find more Private Lenders than any other technique you can use

  • A surprisingly simple way to find deposit money, repair money, extra funds for your deals using Google and a few minutes of your time

  • The right and wrong way to borrow funds for deals so you don’t get destroyed when it’s time to divvy up the profit at the end of the deal

  • How to “pitch” your possible lenders about your deals so they “lunge” at you once they hear what you are doing (even if they are family)

  • The best places to find “motivated” lenders in your home town so you don’t have to struggle with out-of-town lenders who don’t know your area, or its special nuances that will make the deal sweet

  • How to “take charge” of every single transaction so nothing goes wrong – even if it is your first deal and have no experience

  • Why you should not put your lender on a “pedestal” and have them look down on you. And, how to mentally “turn the tables” with your lender so you aren’t looked down upon as not having money and “begging” for it

  • I will show you where to find “a pool of lenders” that few people talk about, but once I show you, you will smack your forehead and say ... “that’s so simple, how come I didn’t think of that?”

  • A sneaky way to get seven figure earners to look at you like a god and practically drop to their knees when you walk into the room. And why they tell all their friends about your “magical touch” once they see what you do

  • How to stay away from the words that 99% of all investors use that kills deals before they even have a chance to explain to the lender why they should invest

  • True secrets that get your lenders “fired up” about your transactions without even saying what company you’re from or where the property is located. You may even have people calling you a couple of days later after telling someone about what the deal you are doing to offer you funds!

     If you have ever dreamed of a way to safely and quickly find funds for your deals on your very own terms (you tell them what you pay – instead of you being the effect of their demands), then this is the perfect thing for you to get right away.


     But time is short, and you have to act fast.


     This is a One-Time-Offer and, you will not find this special offer anywhere else on my website, or in my offers to you. And I can almost guarantee you are throwing away HOT, HOT, HOT deals by not having these organized secrets.


     In fact, you may not even know how much money you have lost by not having funds to buy deals right in your own back yard.


     It’s so easy to order, right now.


     Why go another day loosing these deals.


     Another thing ...


      How long do you think the real estate market is going to be good, so you can make these BIG profits?


     Just click the special link below and follow the simple instructions so you can soon find all the money you need to buy HOT, HOT, HOT real estate deals!


    You get the entire package for only $67 today. This offer is nowhere else on my website, on my podcast, on my blog, on any social media. Only right here. And if you leave this page, you will lose the chance to get this AMAZING deal!!


Bill Hawthorn

P.S. This is a ONE-TIME-OFFER. If you leave this page you will lose the opportunity to get this product. You CANNOT find it on my website, on any podcast, in any social media, or on my blog.


It was created just for this offer.


You should think twice about "skipping" this powerful way to understand how Private Lenders operate and why they lend you money.


Plus, you could possibly be "crushing" your real estate investing career without even knowing it. Imagine, getting all the money you will ever need to buy real estate buy having this simple program I have used for decades to generate all the funds I need for the deals I make offers on.


P.P.S. Ask yourself ... "how many HOT, HOT, HOT deals am I losing on because I don't have the funds and won't even make an offer because I don't know how to pay for the deal once I have it?"


The exact reason why ...


    I am offering you this entire package for only $67 today. Remember, this offer is nowhere else on my website, on my podcast, on my blog, on any social media. Only right here. And if you leave this page, you will lose the chance to get this AMAZING deal!!


And gawd knows how much money in lost deals!!


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and advance my real estate investing career.

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