How To Find & Make A HOT Real Estate Deal

With A Motivated Seller This WEEK Without A Loan!

Question. . .

Could you imagine finding a motivated seller who is willing to sell you their house this week?


Or, better yet ... this seller will allow the buyer to pay monthly payments until he/she can get a favorable mortgage to pay-off the promised amount to buy the property?


Making it possible for you to:


not need a loan, to fix it up, or wait for your payday!


And the most incredible part: you will only need a $100 deposit to do this deal!



  • No Realtor

  • No MLS

  • No banks

  • No attorneys (or closing agents)

  • No credit check

  • No inspections

  • No insurance

  • No setting up an LLC

  • No marketing expense ...

What if I showed you how to make a few phone calls (less than 10) that enabled you to find the motivated buyer I am talking about?


Would this change your real estate investing career?

Here's the Story

My name is Bill Hawthorn. And I have done about 200 deals without ever using a bank. And until just recently, very seldom used a Realtor.


And I get asked a whole lot ... if I had to start over, what would I do to get started?


But before I get to the meat & potatoes, let me give you a little background about who I am so you know you are getting information from a reliable resource that has (and still is) doing creative real estate investing.


I haven’t just read a book or two and am now teaching you how to do this.


I have been in this game about 15 years now. And like I said have been through all different types of markets and survived real well.


In fact if you want to see me in action (so you believe me), head on over to:

So I’ve done a LOT of deals. And I have some, I think, unique perspectives’ on how not to bring all cash to a closing table unless it is a super low offer and irresistible to me and my Private Investor’s.


Usually in most investing organizations the habitual way of approaching properties for sale is to purchase them all cash as apposed to using a lease to purchase which simply means we make payments (to cover the sellers expenses) until we can pay the seller off at a later date.


When you are talking to the seller you have to let them know you are buying the house now and working it out so they get paid in full at a later date.

Here is something to think about. . .

There are very few things I will talk about or you will see in my materials that I would call new. I mean I am a student of this craft like anyone else. I’ve studied expensive materials, done coaching, and implemented these strategies for a very, very long time; to finally figure out what works real simple.


The only thing I am claiming is unique about what I say is the simplicity of getting results and how I structure things so it happens quick. Without all of the confusion most run into that is unnecessary when trying to quickly figure things out.


The way I am going to be talking to you about this is actually hundreds of years old. And acts like a forgotten technology.


But our society has swept these magical ways to buy houses under the carpet so certain industries can charge fees (Realtor’s, Bankers, Closing Agents, Attorneys, etc.). If we all did what I do, those industries would probably vanish. And they don’t want that!!


These greedy sly industries are trying to tell you the only way to buy real estate is their way – so they can charge their fees. It’s actually borderline criminal once you understand it the way you should.


It’s as if the real estate industry has forgotten about how to close without “experts.”

These ways have always been there - but amnesia has set in so the fees can be made. Don’t worry; you are going to learn about it so you can be a success right away like so many before you. And be an expert making your own bundle of profits.

Especially if you have been doing this for a while. You will be amazed at how many deals you have been missing.


And for those who haven’t been in the investing industry very long you will love it because you won’t have all of the losses the others have had.


In fact, we are going to be approaching this like you are a complete novice, so you get every single golden nugget while creating quick success.


Bottom line: I am a simple man, so I like to keep things as simple as possible. If you are into complexity you are in the wrong place. Please move on!

Introducing how a. . .

Slacker Real Estate Investor Reveals Secrets To Make
Far More Money While Spending LESS Time By Simply
Talking To The Right Sellers When Making Deals!

If you want to double, maybe even triple the money you make from your real estate efforts while spending LESS time, eliminating stress, frustration, and being overwhelmed, then the rest of this letter is for you.


Let me introduce you to my “slacker friendly” method that is based on two things:

  • Message to Market match (or what I call criminal profiling).

    Specifically doing research based on how certain law enforcement agencies “profile” and get inside the heads and “psyche” of their criminal masterminds. I figured if it works for getting to know “the bad guys”.


    I should learn the same methodology to get inside of my real estate sellers head so I would know exactly what they’re thinking, and how they want to sell, or what to say to them so they would sell to me. Which completely knocks out the long “runway” of learning deal structuring.


    Or overpaying!


    Now that we are in the sellers “way of thinking” it will be a lot easier to make the correct offer and get amazing deals quickly. Doing it this way there is no reason to have a trained dog pointing out the deal (like bird hunters do).

    You will learn how to make the exact offer every time. Thus getting deals while working less. Make sense?

  • “Dumbed-Down” simplicity

    I decided to throw out all the complicated checklists, formulas, templates, so the runway was much shorter for those who wanted to turn houses into cash and improve their lives.


    I have no doubt those things work for many. But all of that “noise” just makes things more complicated and stops results.

So Instead I “Reversed Engineered It”  So I Could Get To The Profits Quicker. After All, That’s What I Really Wanted Anyways.

The result. . .

A ridiculously simple way to turn a house into a profit so that you can reap the income you have desired for so long.


Best part is: You can hit the gas pedal or let off the gas pedal and go as fast or as slow as you want to match your life style and income requirements.


In fact – I have shown this to others and some have discredited it as “too simple” and didn’t even give it a try.


What I do know is my methods have made me millions and millions of dollars in real estate transactions over the 15 years of me doing it. And after showing it to others not as trained as me – it had the same results with them too!

Anyway, here’s the benefits and what all this means to you by being “in the know”:

  • Learn how to find the exact deal you need and want this week so you don’t destroy your dreams with taking too long to get a deal

  • A little-known (and 100% free) way to get some of the best motivated real estate seller leads that most investor’s don’t recognize and throw into the garbage because they don’t know what I am about to show you

  • How to use my winning and proven script to get even suspect sellers to listen to you even if they don’t like the offer

  • The exact way to make an appointment so when you go out to the house to make offers they are ready for you and will want to close the deal right then

  • Get my little known and most-feared negotiator formula (used by me on dozens and dozens of my own deals) to make sure your offer is 100% exciting and the seller will allow you to make payments until you can pay them in-full at a later date

  • A “proven & tested” secret to making offers in the house that is 100% more interesting to your seller and they can’t help but to talk to you about it

  • Finally figure out how to pierce through the real estate psycho-babble most people think they know and get right down to the hard core investor number with the most profit – and they willingly give that number to you once you do what I show you what to do

  • The “back-asswards” way of how we make the monthly payment offer that is “reversed engineered” and so simple it’s like tying your shoes

  • How to “copy” and “swipe” a professional real estate buyers attitude so you never sounds un-professional and always know what to say the day you get this information I plan to send you

  • How to legally and ethically “borrow” my stories and proof to make your experience sound amazing and believable so the seller believes you have experience and can help them with no trouble at all

  • Learn to understand and hear the exact and best offer for the seller on the phone and what they expect in the house so once you tell them what you want to do they agree so you don’t get hurt when buying the deal

  • How to “spin” awful, traumatic, and painful seller question that causes high-pulling doubt from you – and I show you how to handle these like a pro

  • Ways to get sellers acting like you are their “doctor, “and well trusted. This works so good you won’t have to be out for weeks and months looking for great deals to close. In fact you could have some people asking how it works even when they aren’t deals, just ‘cause they heard of you and what you are doing and are completely curious.

  • I will also show you ways to open your calls (and not get hung up on) so you slip right by the sellers natural, built-in sales defenses so you could actually have a great conversation and get what you need to decide if it’s a good deal

  • The one thing you can do today to find deals almost instantly and get offers out and accepted so you can actually feel like you are a full-blown real estate professional investor (without stumbling blocks). And everyone around you would know this career is real and you are going to actually make some money doing it

Why not become the “Donald Trump” (as a real estate master) in your family or community?

Now I could go on and on, but here is the deal:

In this crash course I am going to give you the vital steps on how to get deals done this week. The exact best things to do so it works right away.


How adding some good vocabulary to what you are saying to the seller first will make the deal more persuasive without being “salesy” at all. In fact it is a very natural conversation that makes you stand out from all the rest, and gets the seller to pay close attention while you are speaking!


And once you start, you will soon find out that others talking to the seller aren’t asking or doing what I show you to do in this crash course. The trick is to understand how to talk to the seller and make them feel like you are helping them (which you totally are) and not there to buy the house unless it works perfectly for you and the seller!


What I reveal in this Slacker training you can absorb in one sitting (if you choose).

This “bare bones” (nothing pretty or fancy, in fact it’s butt ugly) package – consisting of a thumb drive with one video, an audio file, and a transcript (all the same content) with all the files on it for easy loading on to any computer or device you choose.


So it is designed this way for your best consumption. If video best works for you, then I have it in video format. If audio works best for you, you will have the audio file. If you are like me and like to read, then you can use the transcript to get the info.


Like I said, the information is designed to be implemented fast, and can be applied to any area in North America (and other major cities). And is NOT an online course!

It cost a flat $129 – but because you have been around my materials before and know me you get a $30 discount.

That means you just pay $99 and
I pay the shipping worldwide.

Just go to the button below and put this code in the

payment cart to get your $30 discount.

Coupon Code:


Hope you take advantage of this very unusual “helping hand” in the real estate investing industry. After 15-years and thousands and thousands of offers given (face to face with sellers) I have culled these very simple observations into some “underground” tactics and new unusual successful actions.


And am now offering them to you.

WARNING: There are a few things you need to know

  • There are no refunds and sales are final. Don’t whine to us if you need a guarantee. Simply don’t buy it if you feel this way. Quite frankly you should be paying $497 for the information I am about to give you.

    After all it cost me thousands to figure it out and hand it over to you!

  • This will get you “jump started” and getting deals. You will more than likely want more training as you go. I don’t want to hear I shortchanged you in this “quick-start” program once I mail it to you!
    If you think you want the full enchilada then just go to: and get it now. This is an online course!

Funny thing is ... I don’t promote this heavily. You have to almost know me. Or, have run into me (probably by accident) to even know this exists.


This is why I know you can totally become the “Donald Trump” (as a real estate master) in your family or community. It is truly not sought after information. But used correctly you will wonder how you worked in this industry without it.


So bottom line, I am not some run of the mill information marketer prying money from your wallet. If I were this product would easily cost you $497.


It is my way of giving back to the real estate investor industry.

You may not know this but at the time of this writing 81% of the "good 'ole USA" CANNOT get a mortgage, they don’t qualify. Imagine that?

Which simple means there are millions and millions of houses being sold everyday with about 19% of the country qualified to buy it.


The way I see it ... there aren’t enough buyers out there - which speaks loudly to having plenty for all of us to buy. I know I can’t buy it all, even if I wanted to!


And knowing and implementing this simple but extremely powerful information WILL change your life by allowing you to have a simpler income stream and do what you would like to do with it.


So why would I not share these rare and unusually simple ways to help those sellers get their houses sold and problems solved better than they ever dreamed of before meeting you after you have seen my special techniques, right?


Bottom line: I want to help you attain your dreams like I have had for so many years. And this is a perfect way to do just that.

This is my story and I am going to stick to it. I hope you enjoyed being with me for this short time.


And now is the time for you to take action and severely adjust your life to how you want it. Then enjoy the rewards, as you should!


Bill Hawthorn

P.S. Here is what others have said about my work before you ...

"Great interaction. It focuses on what I need. The deal structuring is very amazing. I now feel like it is possible to buy real estate without using my own money, and it is actually beneficial to the seller."

- Valerie H

"I got more out of today more than any other day I can think of. Just saying it was better then I ever imagined. It was great that I got to ask my personal questions and had so much participation. It was very hands on and interactive.”

- Greg W

"Informative. Learned from live experiences. Also learned the processes that will help my business and me."

- Rob F

"Exceptional energy and clear fundamental concepts. Step-by-step process explained the deals so I can do it. The role-playing was very good for me. Gave me good experience and helped me creatively

solve my sellers problems."

- Marc S

"This was the basics upon the business runs on. I now know how to start the process and get prospect. And, what to do with them when I talk to them. And, I don’t have to do rehabs."​

- Jay D

"I really enjoy learning this new way of buying & selling real estate. Going over it the way Bill does it makes it easy and answers all my questions. Thank you for all of your time, energy, and the insights about the real estate business."​

- Justino P

"I was happy to receive the hands-on training which helps me build confidence and further motivate me. Learning simple processes was mind altering. It seems like it should be more difficult."​

- Roxanne D

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