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Most get going in real estate investing while working a job or creating income somewhere else. So the system they use to learn real estate must work around this income producer until it can replace those earnings.


You CAN'T and shouldn't quit your current income source until you can replace it with something better.

And The "New" Income Must Be Dependable!

In this course we will approach investing intelligently, with a real business plan, so it can reward you like very few business's can.


So if you have been listening to our podcast Flipping Houses Start-Up Bootcamp and have a strong desire to acquire real estate riches, want the freedom this wealth can bring you, and have made up your mind this is what you want to do, plus completely expect success ...

Here is what we have in store for you:

  • All the notes & stuff we talk about on the Flipping Houses Start-Up Bootcamp Podcast from each episode

  • The actual videos of us recording the podcast live so you can see first hand how we actually do things "behind" the scenes

  • Videos, audio files, checklist, marketing samples, and everything under the sun to help you get BIG checks

  • Advice from experts that have done it before you and know how to guide you so you won't make "gapping" big mistakes that set you back and make you think you should quit

  • An actual sequence (exactly like the podcast) which makes it so all you need to do is follow along step-by-step so the "start-up" is smooth

  • Find resources you will probably not find anywhere else except in a course like this

And all this will cover topics like:

  • How to get prepared to buy & sell houses

  • Deal hunting

  • How to survive sellers calling you

  • How to close deals correctly so there is very little risk

  • The "nitty-gritty" on selling houses fast so you get paid

Teaching You A Better Way ...

I have found that MOST investor's don't have the money or the credit to buy houses through bank loans, so they have no choice but to start with creative financing.


Maybe you are in the same boat?


The fact that you are right here right now is either destiny, or good fortune, maybe answers to some good prayers. In any event you should not take lightly that this opportunity is at your fingertips right NOW!

My system simply works this way ...


Learning to get time (to pay for the deal) from your seller by working with their existing mortgages or seller financing, maybe doing rent-to-own ...


... then give some of that time to your tenant buyer to get qualified, and pay a premium for that opportunity is the most important skill you can acquire to become a successful investor and will set you free.


If sellers don't have a set plan, or their plan is flexible enough to give you time to pay them off and take little or nothing down, then you are in business.


Learn to find and deal with these "prospects" and you are on your way to anything your imagination can dream up - no matter your situation in life!

In this course you will get plenty of tools and support so you can actually succeed in this much wanted endeavor that will change your life.

You get all the above plus MORE for only $27.00 per month.​

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