Is It Possible To Make Money In Real Estate With $100 And A Cell Phone?

In today’s society the cell phone has taken over. It is the most used device known to mankind.

So why not turn it into an ATM machine?

People bring cell phones to bed with them, the bathroom, work, social gatherings, all because most don’t leave the phone more than 6-feet away from them!


And you and I both know … if your phone rings and you don’t recognize the phone number, well, we don’t answer it, right?


So what is your real estate seller doing, picking up every call?


I doubt it!!


This is not really a brilliant way to run a real estate business; calling sellers and having them not answer the phone most of the time.


It would make sense we communicate to them on a media they use more than any other … texting!!


Why does texting work so well?


  1. First the seller can answer at their discretion.
  2. The seller can find out what you want before talking to you.
  3. They can communicate while at work, or other places they can’t talk.
  4. It is way too easy to ghost you without confronting you.
  5. It gives the seller time to think about their responses.
  6. Like when being drunk, sellers will tell you uncomfortable things on text.
  7. Well, in plain English, it’s convenient and easy!!!


Which, as far as I am concerned, texting makes the whole process of deal hunting for real estate Prospects “Fool-Proof,” and easy.


Text etiquette is still relatively new and primitive. Sometimes I text someone and they respond days later. Because it is in writing, it doesn’t go away.


It is the perfect “interrupter” to get your sellers attention. I know on my phone even when it is in sleep mode, the text pops up and disturbs what I am doing so I have to look who it is, and what they have to say.


As a marketer, this is AMAZING!! Can’t do it anywhere else, to date!!


Imagine this … a person has 123 Main St for sale. And you interrupt him to ask him: “Is 123 Main St still for sale?” Do you think it will get his attention?


It would mine?


Even the people without a shred of personality, confront, or totally introverted will allow this conversation!!


I have found even Realtors answer these messages. And my experience is, most Realtors NEVER call you back when leaving voice messages.


But here is the real question …


Do you have time to text 25-100 sellers a day?


Sounds like instead of carpel tunnel disease you might have thumb cramp disease if you did. What about us older investors, is it easy texting with those small letters?


Cramped thumbs from too much texting. Think I can get that under my health insurance policy as a paid out claim – lol?


If your ready to start earning a secure paycheck from texting real estate sellers in a very easy way … I would keep reading, because this is for you!


Good, let me explain …

I was looking for something simple to get in touch with For Sale By Owner’s so I could make some offers.


But I didn’t want to:

  • Put out bandit signs

  • Spend money on direct mail

  • Hang out on Flakebook (or social media)

  • Make cold calls and get rejected a LOT

  • Pass out business cards

  • Go to network meetings and meet sellers

  • Talk to Realtor’s

  • Deal with REO banks

  • Mess around with lenders

  • Do rehabs if I didn’t have to

  • Put up money I didn’t have

  • Deal with hard closings

  • Get let down with deals cancelling

  • Well … do a lot of work!

So I got to thinking … what if I just go to Zillow, find some FSBO’s and text them. From anywhere (by the pool, in my car, at the cigar lounge, in church, etc.).


I wonder what would happen?


Then one day Pete (The Rookie) tells me he is having trouble reaching sellers, so he texted a few, and they answered right away!


Hmmm, that was spooky. Pete and I on the same page?


The rest was history … My life changed.

We Figure Out This Little System On How To Send Broad Texts And Answer Them Individually.

Not only that, but we were able to put my exact scripted words I have had so much success with for years in as templates, which meant I didn’t have to type the same words over and over again.


I just push a button and the exact script loaded in the text and I hit send. Super, super easy to organize my successful scripts and keep track of the leads I sent each question and answer too.


Next thing I know – leads are flying around the office. Offers are getting made. It actually felt good having this much to work on in my real estate investing business.


And it all happened in days. Not weeks, months, or years. Just a few days!!


Then I started showing my friends and clients what I was doing. And they started doing it too. At the time, no one was doing this. Seemed new and innovative.


Except, now I am tired of showing people how to do it one-on-one all the time. And time is not something I have the luxury to have a lot of.


So I did what any good executive would do … I commissioned Emma, my daughter and personal assistant, to make some training video for my friends and me.


I mean, she is a nerd (I am so proud) and does this shyt in her sleep. With a computer science degree (go Emma), and a Millennial, which means she will find it cheap with some good shortcuts – lol.


We were lucky because she did figure it out, and it all works amazingly too.

So If You Want To Earn A Paycheck Fast In Real Estate, Listen To This …

Imagine you text a few FSBO’s something like this:


  1. Is (address of property) still for sale?
  2. Are you the owner?
  3. Would you be willing to lease it for a year or two, then sell it to me?


Do you think you would find a seller to talk to?


Because I am looking to do a rent-to-own deal, I don’t need:

  • Deposit money more than $100

  • Find a loan or get a hard money lender

  • Whack my credit with to many inquires

  • Use closing agents (or attorneys)

  • Wait for long closings, I can do them in days now

  • Work weeks and weeks without pay for a profit

  • Need to do it full time, my part time schedule worked great

  • Spend months and months educating myself about real estate

  • Get any help at all, I could do it all myself

  • And most important: ramp it up or slow it down as my life changed!

Plus, if I stayed in these deals … well, I could get paid over and over again.


And because I don’t get deeds in my name, no LLC’s, office, biz insurance, overhead, and all the other crap that comes along with regular real estate deals.


If you want to have this tremendous amount of freedom and security, I strongly suggest you grab this very inexpensive and short training and get going NOW!


BTW … it is so cheap … I have to trust you instead of you having to trust me. Only because you will be making offers almost immediately once you see these “underground” videos.


Using nothing but your cellphone. And who knows, you might out pace my success and me and start teaching me about your success!


Texting is crucial to your success in real estate investing these days. So why not let Emma & I teach you how to do it easily with the exact tools we use to do it easily.

Here is what you will get:

  • A secret way of “arranging” the scripts I have used to buy hundreds of houses over 16+ years.

  • How an old timer like me can use technology like I used to use my bicycle as a young boy (in fact this is easier).

  • How to bang out your first text in about an hour after you push the “buy” button below.

  • My favorite resource that doesn’t have monthly fees, charges $3.99 per phone line so you don’t have to use your cell number, and only whack us a half a cent per out going text and incoming text. Super cheap to use!

  • What to tell someone who asks what our offer is, or do we want to see the property, and if we are Realtor’s, plus a whole lot more.

  • Why this plays into not being “needy” and being the perfect “reluctant” buyer trying to steal the house. It is so easy you can afford to “WHACK” the Suspects quicker and easier.

  • The best places to find leads you can text so your results show up quicker and you get into this business for real and stop procrastinating.

  • Shortcuts on how to set this platform up so you do not spend all your time training how to use this tool, but instead use your time making deals.

  • We have found the best time to text sellers is 9AM to 11AM, which is why we will show you how to schedule the group texting in case you aren’t available at those times so you don’t miss out on these leads.

  • The #1 way to pre-screen leads without getting your balls broken.

  • How to take away the “cold calling” jitters because this little system will get the conversation going so when you do call you feel you already know the seller a little bit.

  • What fields to use in the software when, and why it is so important.

  • A “Jedi mind trick” for getting lot’s of deals working fast.

  • How to insolate your private phone number so you don’t get harassed later from people you texted.

  • Why this is the BEST follow-up tool in the business (because we all know 34% to 36% of our deals come from follow-up).

  • A ninja trick if the sellers decides to call you back instead of texting you.

  • Little known ways to use all your devices (smart phone, desktop, tablet, etc.) so you don’t miss a deal.

  • Quite frankly, I could go on for days telling you these things …

But this one simple tool is so cheap, I have already spent too much time trying to convince you to make money.


Just click the damn order button, or go to another page.


I have to go make some deals … and with this simple tool, you can too, so lets get started now …

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