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…. And how you can copy my “underground”
blueprint so you can be hands-off!!



Let’s be real …


The hype around hiring virtual assistants (VA’S) for real estate investor’s is huge these days. There are so many so-called Gooooo Rooooos who tell you how easy it is to hire a VA.


But the fact is, it is not.




Because there are too many intricate steps in the process:

  • Where do you go to find these VA’s

  • What country is best for this cheap labor

  • How much do you pay them

  • Vetting out their skills

  • What to ask when interviewing them

  • Knowing how to train them correctly

  • Keeping track of their time so they don’t rip you off

  • Monitoring what they tell your prospects

  • Making sure they pass you correct information

  • Simple ways to manage them easily so it’s not a part-time job for you

  • Exactly known “tell-tales” that tip you off to lack of work

  • If they have sufficient internet and power sources

  • Skill set to handle your work without months (or years) of training

  • Managing low turn over (not having to fire one every week)

  • How not to get scammed by a professional conartist acting as a VA

  • Keeping the VA busy with enough properties to vet out

And I know I am missing a lot of more obstacles, but these come to mind first.

Why You Want You To See
Everything Before You Hire A VA

This amazing “underground” portal will show you everything you need.



  • A sneaky (but very ethical) and not very known website to find your perfect VA without getting overloaded (plus guidance during the process)

  • How to get one or two potential VA’s to interview and not dozens and dozens of applicants you have to sort through and hope to find the right one

  • A trick I have the VA do so I can hear their voice and English skills before I meet with them for an interview

  • Exact ads I use to “weed out” applicants I don’t want, or don’t have the skill set I need to hire and train quickly for fast results

  • Why some VA’s are better than others, and how to spot these traits quickly and easily; even if it’s your first hire.

  • A “non-awkward” way to interview so you get the right VA the first time (frankly, this is where you start to set the rules of engagement with your VA’s success)

  • How to avoid not spending weeks, months, maybe years compiling training material for the VA’s job tasks each day

  • Simple ways to get “instant credibility” with your new employee so they treat you as a highly regarded boss instead of like a complete stranger

  • Low frustration monitoring procedures so you always know what they are doing, so if they lie to you – you know it immediately

  • How to easily flip information back and forth between you and the VA so there isn’t any “gaps” in the chain of work while dealing with the sellers

  • Very shrewd (but ethical) ways to record the VA’s calls so you can listen any time you wish and do your own “quality control” on the VA’s calls

  • What to do with your task-list to increase the VA’s production

  • Why the best VA’s make you more money during bad economies than during good ones – or, in reality, any economic time truthfully

  • Smart checklist so the VA does it correctly with each seller and doesn’t skip steps that could cost you HOT deals

  • Arranged scripts that are devised to talk to your sellers just as I (Bill Hawthorn) would talk to my sellers and close them

  • Avoiding “stupid” questions because the VA will have my training platform to find answers before they call you

  • What you should never teach your VA so HUGE problems or bad habits don’t form later in your relationship

  • How to position yourself as having been an investor with many years experience even if you have never done a deal; or even talked to sellers

  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to make sure the VA is not scamming you and costing you money without results

  • A “magic bullet” way to make offers without looking at the property and your VA being in another country and the seller ever knowing it

  • How to “position” your VA to find leads and lists so you don’t have the VA telling you they need more names to contact everyday

  • Why your seller will never know how long you have been in the business, and what to say when they ask

  • How to teach the VA what to send when the seller asks “for more information” so the VA doesn’t pass this lead to you as a “fake prospect” you need to spend your precious time on until the seller has proven they are motivated

  • The single worst times to have your VA working on your deals

  • Teach the VA how to be a “reluctant buyer” so they don’t sound like they are begging for deals and build report so the seller feels comfortable with you as a stranger while doing a deal with you

  • How to teach a VA to “glide” three quarters of the way through the deals so by the time you get it, you just spend a small amount of time deciding you want the deal and closing it

Let Me Train Your VA’s

So You Don’t Have To

If you grab this unique system I will give you access to my tested and proven “white label” set of videos, scripts, forms, contracts, and checklist for your new VA to follow so you don’t have to do a thing, except …


  1. Find the perfect potential VA’s
  2. Interview them my way for best results
  3. Negotiate the hourly rate, and hire them
  4. Then give them my URl with their own username & password


Then you help them for a few days get through the only conclusive “white label” VA real estate training on the Internet to date.


Most real estate investors fail at outsourcing these tasks because they:

  • Hire the wrong VA

  • Don’t ask the right interview questions

  • Lack the job description set-ups

  • Have a shortage of training material to hat the VA to get results

  • Know how to keep the VA productive and cost effective

  • In may cases don’t know how to do deal hunting themselves and fall short on telling the VA how to do it for them

  • Don’t have adequate systems in place to monitor the VA’s production

  • Are afraid to fire bad VA’s (and continue to put up with shyt you don’t need or want from the bad VA) because the investor doesn’t know how simple it is to find another VA to replace the under-performing VA giving you stress

  • Think the VA is too expensive and try to do the work themselves and don’t realize how many deals they are loosing while dilly-dallying around with this type of $5 an hour work instead of the $200 - $500 an hour work they should be doing to make BIG money!

  • Don’t have enough time (because of a JOB, family, etc.) to do all the work to get a nice pipe-line of “prospects” they can talk to and make deals which never gets the investor to an income level that supports them

  • Spend too much time trying to set a system like this one up and use all their resources so when it comes to doing deal they are burned out, or broke.

Go Ahead And Steal My VA System If You Grab It Today

… so you can COPY MY STEPS and use with your VA to grow your business.


Once you get the instant access to this “white label” set of videos, scripts, forms, contracts, and checklist for your new VA to follow you don’t have do all the work I had to do to set up an amazing real estate deal machine.

A Bazillion Other Things You Get

Imagine this …


You tap into my private and personal website portal, and it has two parts …


For the investor:


  1. A URL with a user name and password that allows access to the entire system so the investor can set things up quickly.
  2. A checklist of all the websites & tools (mostly free ones) to set up for the VA to use once you start the VA.
  3. The PERFECT website to find and hire VA’s easily and quickly.
  4. All the tools and ads you need to find, interview, keep track of seller leads (CRM), places to find seller contacts, texting tool, phone system, offer calculator, offer pack to send sellers, email system to send offers, and a snail mail system so the VA can send your offers by mail from another country without the seller knowing it came from another country.
  5. Welcome and orientation videos so you and the VA know how to use the platform quickly and easily.


Then the VA has there own URL with username and password:


  1. So the VA doesn’t see the investor’s materials to find and hire the VA.
  2. A system introduction set of videos so the VA can get acclimated to how we make creative real estate deals and know how to answer seller questions easier when communicating with the seller.
  3. Training on where to find the exact contacts we need to communicate to and hunt down so the VA always has plenty of leads to cultivate and not telling you they need more leads. Automated and manually generated.
  4. How to keep track of the contacts, leads, and who they sent offers to in a very simple CRM (Customer Relation Management) system that both you and the VA can use so you always have data at your fingertips.
  5. How to text the contacts and warm them up so the seller answers the phone and lets the VA use our famous script that ends with sending three offers.
  6. Exact training on how to use our Offer Calculator so the VA can evaluate the exact comps to keep you from over-paying and generate three offers (automated).
  7. Then train the VA to use our very unique Offer Pack by transcribing the numbers from our Offer Calculator onto this document that has a cover letter, a letter of intent with our three offers, benefits to the seller for doing a terms deal, and many frequently asked questions to satisfy the sellers questions and concerns about our offers.
  8. How to use our specific phone system so that the recorded call lands right into our CRM and allows us to go there any time to listen to the entire conversation the VA had with the seller so there is no mystery about what was said or done on the call.
  9. A few email systems to use so the VA always sends from your system, which you can go look at any time to do quality control on the VA’s work.
  10. Plus training on how we mail the offer to the seller from another country without the seller ever knowing it came from another country.
  11. Lastly, a bonus section to help the investor prepare to follow-up on the offers and “talk turkey” so he/she can make a deal on the phone.
  12. The exact one page contract I use to send an electronic file to the seller to sign and obligate to the deal.


 … And if done the way we teach you in this amazing platform, you will soon realize you don’t have to do deals in your back yard.


You can do deals anywhere in the USA, remote, from your desk.


Listen, I want you to have everything I have to run my business so you feel safe and secure about your future in real estate investing.


And that’s why I am treating you just like an Acquisition Manager I would hire in my own business.


What could be easier and more fair than that?


This means you have every “unfair” advantage most investors don’t have with finding and making HOT, HOT, HOT creative real estate deals that creates …




It’s All Done For You


Everyday you don’t use these methods you are letting hundreds – even thousands – of dollars slip right through your fingers.


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So don’t “dilly-dally” around to only find out you can’t get it later.


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