Whack The Suspects - Keep The Prospects. The ONLY Way To Make Real Estate Investing Quick & Easy!


What You Will Get Instantly

  • Really juicy insights on how I evaluate a Prospect or if they are a Suspect so you don't need a Yale education that cost time and tons of money to get over this one little "stumbling block"

  • An exclusive look at why a motivated seller become "motivated" so you can see the "tell-tale" signs from 100 miles away!

  • See first hand the pure magic of talking to a motivated seller so you can find one in the couple of days and get a deal yourself

  • A "real-life" situation for both a Prospect And A Suspect so you can clearly see the difference and make A clear and distinct decisions later on when talking to sellers yourself if they are good or not?

  • Avoid missing Prospects again. This scientifically proven little system will save you years of trying to figure it out yourself and possibly thousands upon thousands of dollars in errors

  • Reveal the "scary-side" of talking to Suspects so you can veer away from it and keep your sanity as an investor and stay focused on what makes you money instead of what cost you money!

Still On The Fence ...

How about some ethical

bribes if you buy now?

  • The script package which includes the script, additional questions to make better deals, and my special pre-qualifying form (Value $67)

  • 1.An audio recording of me doing a LIVE call so you can hear how it is done (Value $97 – really priceless)

  • An eBook of self-confidence to make sure you are ready to make offers when it is time (Value $37)

  • How to make a fortune as a real estate entrepreneur I wrote for some of my private coaching clients (Value $68 - not usually sold outside of coaching)

That's $298 in ethical bribes if you get started today ...

Learn To Find Your Prospects For Only $67 . . .

A Small Price To Pay To Make Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars!

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