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That’s the problem these days; too much crap

is out there – not enough results!

However, don't make the mistake of putting this in that same pile (of crap) as the other stuff. You may lose out on maybe the best real estate investing offer on that has ever been shared outside of the top elite circles of investors!

Why Would You Get Involved?

The biggest reason: What I am going to propose to you here and now does not need a Yale education nor the time and expense to get a Yale education.


Down and dirty – My name is Bill Hawthorn. I am an active real estate investor and I have personally bought and sold over 100 houses, spent $7000 to $9000 per month (for several years) in expenses to find and buy those 100 houses, which was an expensive learning process that will save you the same trouble, expense, and years of research and development and learning how to successfully run your real estate investing career – so just keep reading ...


Yes, right here and now I am going to give you my MOST successful actions ever used.


All you’ll have to do is follow the simple steps I lay out for you and you too will start making large CHUNKS of cash you can use to pay down debt, put kids through college, go on vacation, add to your retirement, donate to your favorite charity, or whatever you like!

Let me explain ...

One thing I learned way too late in the real estate investing game (and why my advice is so valuable to you so you don’t have to wait so long like I did) is I am not in the real estate investing business. Rather I am in the marketing business!


See, the game changed for me when I reversed the way things normally happened. Mostly the part where I was chasing deals and always finding non-motivated sellers who beat me up until I almost quit the business.


I would search out deals, then go out look at the property, get repair costs put together, do comparables, and write contracts only to find out someone outbid my offer by 500 bucks. 

Those many days worth of work would just vanish in front of my eyes.

So I Thought I Would Get Clever ...

I was in a house and the offer I was making was on an REO (Real Estate Owned by the bank that foreclosed) property and the agent asked for a proof of funds.


My partner (the money guy) at the time had reservations on handing over his bank statements to anyone.


So I decided to write the offer this way: Create a purchase and sales contract with the agent. It was for a house around $69K in Waterbury Connecticut. Once the contract was written, the agent asked for the proof of funds.


I responded by explaining I would like to write a check for the $69K. Once the seller has negotiated the check they can send me the title.


So I wrote the check. And you are not going to believe this, but the agent calls me back a few hours later and said that he had spoken to the seller and the seller felt my check was not a sufficient proof of funds and would not except it!!!!!


Are you freakin kidding me?




This really happened to me! That is the exact point that I realized I had to change my ways, or get out of this insane business.

The Day My Real Estate Investing Career

Took Off and Expanded

What I figured out was most anyone could see a problem house. You know, the ugly house in a pretty house neighborhood. It’s obvious right?


However, what most don’t realize is that the only reason to sell a house is because you need cash, or to solve some problem (like they inherited this house that needs $20K in repairs and don’t have the money to fix it and sell it).


So I decided to go into the “solving problem” business. I figured if there are problems that involved houses and I solved those problems, I would buy houses.


Now all I needed to do is find people with those situations and I was “in.”


As of this writing, I have 23 ways to find these sellers who have problems I can help with I buy the house as part of the solution.


Good news is – you don't have to learn all 23 to be successful. In fact, I am only going to show you one or two, but these are the best of the best so you can ‘jump-start’ your career with a very short runway!


Remember, I told you earlier I spent a few hundred thousand dollars ($7,000 to $9,000 per month for a few years) in the research and development of this

method to success – well here it is . . .

My super sneaky ninja secret is: Direct Mail.

That’s right, I sneak in through the mailbox. I get into the house and look around for things like divorce, probate, burned-out landlords, tax problems, sibling rivalry, owning two houses, having two mortgage payments, etc.


Now the best part – the way I have it set up is they call me. Yup, I don't go chasing anyone anymore. These folks all call me. And because I get a 30% to 40% response on my letters, I get a lot of calls.


In fact, in the beginning I will only suggest you mail 25-50 letters just because I don’t want you to get overwhelmed and blow the deals because you are not ready.


Did you get that? 25-50 letters!!!


Less than $100 in direct mail and you have 7-15 MOTIVATED sellers calling to see how you can help them get rid of a house to solve their problem.


And it happens in weeks if you do as I instruct you to do. Think you could make some sort of a deal if you had 7-15 motivated sellers calling you to talk about a property they have for sale?

Now I Make Deals From My Desk – Not By

Running Around All The Time!

The next barrier I ran into was how do I go out and look at all these deals people are calling me to see? In the beginning I would go out and look at every deal only to find out the seller was not motivated. Or, they were only motivated for what they wanted (which often was a very high price).


At this point I realized I needed to start pre-screening the motivation level on the phone. I noticed if I did this well enough, then when I got to the house two things happened:


a) I started to notice I was the only one making an offer on the house (I was not competing with 5 other investors, like before); and


b) I was now dealing with prospects not suspects which only means the sellers were flexible and would work with me and my offers (like owner financing, options, leasing, etc).


WOW did my world open up!!!


Here’s why . . .

  • I qualify the seller’s motivation and get to see their numbers while on the pre-screening phone call.

  • Then I go out to the house to qualify the house.

  • If both passed the ‘test’ I would end up buying a house on my terms!

As you can see, this cut my wasted time WAY down. Now I had the time to actually make deals like I should be doing. And not do all the $10 an hour stuff I was doing.


Are you beginning to see why my statement at the beginning of this letter is so bold & true?

How Can All This Help You to Make Money?

Okay, at the end of everyday you have to ask yourself: What did I do today that advanced my life?

Which is a great question if you ask me. Only because nothing like this existed when I first started. We did not have ‘cheat sheets’ like this. In fact, it took me over 18 months after I started to actually make an offer someone would at least consider.


So here is the offer I want to make you . . .


The cost of my training is a one-time fee of only $197. And it isn’t you pay me $197 then the next screen I try to sell you something else so you end up paying more than I promise.


No, instead what will happen is you will buy this training for $197. Follow along step-by-step and get results. Once you get leads calling you, I promise, you will want more help. Once that happens you will know I am not full of B.S., because it worked and the proof is the stack of leads sitting on your desk.


Once you are making some money, you are more prone to seek me out for some more training (if you need it) because you will know what I do works because you got immediate results.


I am so confident of this because of my belief and experience on how to educate someone to do a job.

Let me tell you what I mean . . .

You need three things to actually have a good education:


a) The data, information, or just plain theory (which is what most get when learning something like this), and then


b) Some physical representation of what it looks like when it is working.


If you are going to study how to install a tile floor, you at least might want to watch a video of someone doing it. I can’t tell you how many people I have met that tell me they learn best by watching someone do it. Imagine trying to fill out a purchase and sales contract or a lease option agreement if you never saw one. Might be tough, right?


c) Lastly, have sufficient doingness. This is the part NO ONE gives you in a lot of industries. Especially the real estate gurus that are teaching now.


Do they do over-the-shoulder training?


See I believe the end result of training should be a person who can actually DO what he was trained to do. How would you know he could do it?


Not with a written test, that’s for sure! Nope, you would have him (or her) go do it and see if they can.


In other words: If a person goes to auto mechanic school to learn how to fix cars, the test should be – here is a broken car. Now fix it. That would be the real test, right?


So any time you take a lesson from me you will be tested by this method, I promise.


This way I know you will be able to “do it,” make sense?


Okay, now that that’s out of my system, let me explain exactly what you will get instantly:

  • First you will spend a little time with me on video, explaining how things work in a sequence so you can do it one-step at a time and no confusions.

  • After you understand that, I will go over some theory of why it all works.

  • Then I actually show you how to create your own list in your own city from the local town hall. Once you have the list, I then walk you through who is most likely to be motivated and why.

  • Then the rest of the time is ‘doing’ because I actually give you my personal letter that I mail and get a 30% to 40% response from, and the type of envelope, the type of stamp, as well as how and where I place my return address so the mailed piece works perfectly. Believe me, I’ve tested this and got it down to a science.

  • Okay, then the real work begins . . . pre-screening the callers so you know which ones are most likely to accept your offers.

  • At this point I will share the ‘magical form’ that I use to gather all of the information needed to know without a doubt who to go visit, and how to structure the best deal for you and the seller (all on the phone).

  • Of course none of this would work if I didn’t teach you how to speak to the prospects you are calling. What questions to ask to see the deal unfold right in front of your eyes mathematically.

  • Now that you have all of the figures and facts I have a procedure you’ll learn that shows you how to give a preliminary offer so there is no surprise when you arrive at the prospect’s property to give the actual offer. Thus having them ready to accept your offer before you show up.

  • Lastly I will give you a complete workbook so you can easily follow along video-by-video getting the most out of every lesson.

    And in this workbook I slipped in the form I use to pre-qualify sellers, which makes the workbook’s value far exceed the cost of the course!

Still On The Fence – How About This Ethical Bribe . . .

Honestly, if you don’t have potential deals by the end of the lessons in this course, I have created a book that I am including in the training called The Real Estate Coaching Program (Worth $199 all by itself).


Here I will walk you through what is possibly holding you back from succeeding in life. In fact, I give you 6 very key ways to becoming a true entrepreneur and six tips for having total control of real estate investing, then lastly I cover how to overcome your fear.


It’s as if you and I are in the room together, me coaching you along the way. It’s that good! And if that’s not enough for you, how about this . . . Before we are done with our lessons I will go over your S.M.A.R.T Goals . . . 


S - Specific


M - Measurable


A - Attainable


R - Relevant


T - Time Based


This one action has helped many of my past clients get out of any funk and get them ‘going’ and stay on track.


Many have voiced their opinion that this one action alone is worth well over $299 once completed.


It’s truly gratifying when you get to the end of the work and see how much relief you will feel about your real estate investing career, once you have clearly defined your goals, thus making it very clear how to travel through the journey of success!

If you are this far down the sales letter and still have to think about it. Let me help you . . .


DON’T DO IT!!!!!

Only because I have given you $1997 in real LIVE value for only $197. If you can’t see that as a great deal, then I don’t think you are cut out for this career, because you won’t ever be able to spot the big real estate deals that are going to come to you when you apply this training, and I don’t want you to waste money on my materials if you’re not someone who can pull the trigger on an opportunity that has landed in your lap!


On the other hand, if you are ready to create big CHUNKS of cash on demand, this is probably the best place you could possibly start. After all, if I can teach my 24-year-old daughter to do it, I think I can teach you too!


Just one step at a time until you get it, that’s the way we roll!

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