Make The Best Deals Possible By 

Learning How To Make Great Offers

What You Will Get Instantly

  • My secret 3-step formula I have used since day one (and still use today) to find perfect deals for me and a team to help me close those deals without opposition

  • Learn the step-by-step process I use to figure out what is a good offer to make & what isn't so I don't waste time making offers that offend the seller and piss them off

  • I show you how to take the stress out of making offers and getting deals easily when watching these lessons

  • The exact sequence of when and how to make offer so you get WAY more "Yes's" then "No's" - This took me 5-years to figure out and master so it works every time

  • Avoid the most common mistakes that turn motivated sellers into "NO'S" when making an offer

  • Learn to be the perfect conversationalist that build trust quickly and have the seller linking you so much they will sell you their house and not consider any other offers

  • Exact examples of the actual offers I give when in a house so you don't have to figure it out

Still On The Fence ...

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bribes if you buy now?

  • The actual cost to sell worksheet so you can prepare your sellers to make you an offer on what they want (Value $297 - really, you'll see it is priceless when you see it reduces asking prices by tens of thousands of dollars every time)

  • An audio recording of me doing a LIVE offer so you can hear how it is done (Value $97 - really priceless)

  • An eBook of self-confidence to make sure you are ready to make offers when it is time (Value $37)

  • How to make a fortune as a real estate entrepreneur I wrote for some of my private coaching clients (Value $68 - not usually sold outside of coaching)

That's $499 in ethical bribes if you get started today ...

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